Picture of EL Wire Cassette Tape Dangler
This is a simple instructable to make a glowing el wire cassette tape. It makes a great pendant and would look good hanging in a retro record shop or something.

The el controller that came with it has slow and fast flashing modes as well as always-on, which are very effective and give that neon sign feel. I hope to hack a vu meter kit soon to make one of these that pulses to music, great for the festival season.

Step 1: Raw Materials

Picture of Raw Materials
First you need some el wire. I got some cheap stuff from ebay, this instructable uses a 1m length, which was around £3 and didn't need any trimming.

Next a cassette tape - I picked up a 3-pack of new tapes for £1 at the car boot, which saved a trip into the loft and spending hours deciding which precious mix tape to sacrifice.

With the cassette dismantled and the tape itself discarded we're ready to start making, superglue at the ready!
safay1 year ago
Nice use of EL wire! Thanks for sharing
MisterM (author) 2 years ago
It's 3v, 2x AA batteries in the controller box.
Ha! Such a fun idea! Love the look of it :)
querry432 years ago
Can you elaborate on the power source?