Picture of EL Wire Cowboy Boots
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This EL Wire Cowboy Boot Project is probably the coolest wearable technology piece I have made to date, although LED Shoulder Pads is a close second still. EL Wire is probably one of the most inspiring materials I have worked with in a long time. It has so much potential to make anything awesomer with a fine line of light to accentuate design. When I started working with it, I knew it could be cool to incorporate it into the embroidered motifs found on Cowboy Boots.

Check out the steps below to see how I achieved this look, it's easier than you think :D
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Step 2: Get Started

Picture of Get Started
Thread that needle with about 3 feet of thread, and make a big knot on one end. I chose not to double the thread on this project because I was afraid it would stretch out the holes in the leather.

I figured out that if I used the pre-existing embroidery holes in the boot, it was a lot easier to sew the EL wire into place.

I started with the EL wire under the pull-up strap of the boot, so I could easily hide my wire later.

BE SURE TO USE A THIMBLE! These needles are super duper sharp, and are designed to punch through cow-hide, your skin isn't too different :-/
Fozzibehr1 year ago

Hi, could you possibly hollow out the heel of the boot, and put the battery pack and inverter in there?

wow, I never saw the final pics for these. looks so good!

Noice. Your turn boys!

valkgurl1 year ago

Two things--one question and one hint!!!

Hint---To add something like this--or even beadwork--to leather or heavy canvas etc. that does NOT already have holes---use your sewing machine with NO THREAD and go along the lines you want---you can space out the hole pattern to suit what you are working with---and then you have evenly spaced pre-punched neat holes to sew thru.

Question---can you use this stuff outdoors as in ::::::: can you apply to a motorcycle etc? Would be awesome and might get in some of the "nooks and crannies" of our chrome-laden bike better than the LED's we have tried! Have to look into this more!

Great look!!!!!!

hblair11 year ago
Imagine dancing in the dark! Awesome!
dizzle11 year ago

So fresh and so clean.

dorybob1 year ago

very cool project.

boocat1 year ago

Wow. Just. Wow.

Amazing Project!

mehtap1 year ago
very nice :)
very precise work!

....I'm going to go cry in my shoe closet now...

no one talk to me.
  bring chocolate in a couple hours.
hahahaha its soo funny very expressive !
10/10 A+
These are so FANCY