This EL Wire Cowboy Boot Project is probably the coolest wearable technology piece I have made to date, although LED Shoulder Pads is a close second still. EL Wire is probably one of the most inspiring materials I have worked with in a long time. It has so much potential to make anything awesomer with a fine line of light to accentuate design. When I started working with it, I knew it could be cool to incorporate it into the embroidered motifs found on Cowboy Boots.

Check out the steps below to see how I achieved this look, it's easier than you think :D
<p>Hi, could you possibly hollow out the heel of the boot, and put the battery pack and inverter in there?</p>
<p>wow, I never saw the final pics for these. looks so good!</p>
<p>Noice. Your turn boys!</p>
<p>Two things--one question and one hint!!!</p><p>Hint---To add something like this--or even beadwork--to leather or heavy canvas etc. that does NOT already have holes---use your sewing machine with NO THREAD and go along the lines you want---you can space out the hole pattern to suit what you are working with---and then you have evenly spaced pre-punched neat holes to sew thru. </p><p>Question---can you use this stuff outdoors as in ::::::: can you apply to a motorcycle etc? Would be awesome and might get in some of the &quot;nooks and crannies&quot; of our chrome-laden bike better than the LED's we have tried! Have to look into this more! </p><p>Great look!!!!!!</p>
Imagine dancing in the dark! Awesome!
<p>So fresh and so clean.</p>
<p>very cool project.</p>
<p>Wow. Just. Wow.</p>
<p>Amazing Project!</p>
very nice :)
very precise work!
I HATE YOU AND YOUR AWESOMENESS!!!!<br> <br> <sub>....I'm going to go cry in my shoe closet now...<br> <br> no one talk to me.</sub><sub>&nbsp; bring chocolate in a couple hours.</sub>
hahahaha its soo funny very expressive !
10/10 A+ <br />These are so FANCY

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