I wanted to make an EL Wire dress after I worked with EL Wire on my cowboy boots. This project was super simple to make, and took almost no electronics skills to make this dress light up the night.

With just a few tools, and a glue gun, I was able to turn a sheer dress I already had into a galactic masterpiece.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

For this project I was able to use some of my existing clothes and modify them with the EL wire..

For this project I also used a hot glue gun, a sewing needle, and some clear thread - light weight fishing line could also work if necessary.
<p>I'm considering doing something like this for my 4-year-old niece. Because she's an active imp I'd like the dress to be washable. I'm assume that as-constructed your dress is not washable? (Have you tried?) Do you have any thoughts on how it could be made washable? The only think I can think of is to make the EL wire removable which would make the dress more complex.</p><p>Also, what kind of battery life do you get? I'd like to use as small a battery as possible and still get 4-5 hours of life.</p>
<p>All of the Electronics I used are sealed, and the power pack was detachable, so I was able to handwash this garment. Just let it dry for a long time before you reconnect the EL Driver.</p><p>Each Radioshack power pack lasted maybe 10 hours?</p>
<p>Hi could you tell me just how flexible the wire is? I have not used it before and i would like to make a costume for my daughter for Halloween, but i don't want her to be either stuck rigid like a statue or to bust it in the first step she takes. Thanks.</p>
<p>Its very flexible, strong, but not structual.</p>
that sounds perfect, thanks!
<p>Great job </p>
<p>wow great !!!</p>
u selected Rocking cloth which suits perfectly glowing,simply mind blowing, marvelous
<p>Thats an awesome dress on a very pretty lady!!</p><p>Great job</p>
you in last picture (spinning). that's beautiful.
<p>I agree! :)</p>
<p>&ccedil;ok hoş sizi tebrik ederim :=;;))</p>
<p>Great concept and very well done. I love that dress. That was a great implementation of an excellent idea.</p><p>Bill</p>
<p>1.) You chose an awesome print.</p><p>2.) You chose a dress with sheer fabric and lining.</p><p>3.) Genius! This actually looks like something I might be able to do even with my terrible soldering skills where a bit of solder turns into a pound of solder which is likely a product of my upbringing*. </p><p>Very lovely and easy! And I love the motion shot at the end! :D</p><p><em>*In my family, if you're going to build a doghouse, you're going to build <br> it entirely out of 2x4s (structure, siding, roof, floor, etc.) and a <br>million nails.</em></p>
<p>LOL, sound like my &quot;upbringing&quot;...the last doghouse I built was made of 2*6s and weighed about 120 pounds.</p>
<p>My 2013 Mardi Gras marching costume likes this</p>
<p>So good! I love it. This stuff is fun to make pictures with too. I think I am going to make some EL wire/tape/panel light painting rigs.</p>
<p>Fantastic boardwalk shot. It looks positively magical!</p>
<p>we live in future :-)</p>
I've always been intrigued by clothing or costumes using EL products. Your project looks very nice. I especially like your use of the material that resembles the night sky. Thank you for posting.
<p>Awesome, like always! love the fabric print and the last picture :)</p>
<p>So creative. And it looks wonderful. </p>
you may want to hand stitch the el wire in place if you plane to wash this. the hot glue might work for a bit, but it is no long term solution.
<p>I bet you were the &quot;star&quot; that night! I liked how you use the EL wire in so many ways. First your boots and now your dress. Great projects!</p>

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