Step 6: Bend Your Hangers

Get out your needle nose pliers and get to it! This step is fair(l)y tedious. Using the pliers and your hands, bend the hangers to the shape of the wings. Make sure that you frequently compare the hangers to your picture.

Some points to note:

I started at the bottom middle of the wings. As such, I started from the middle of a hanger. My thinking was that the middle of the wings would be a pressure point, and I would not want to rely on a joint there.

When you have to move on to the next hanger, make sure you bend it to overlap with the previous hanger by at least a few inches (2-3).

When you need a sharp point, as my design did, put a sharp 180 degree bend in the hanger (see the picture below).
u know u can use paint to make a picture larger? just got to file, page set up, and where it says scaleing there should be two check boxes. one says adjust to, the other says fit to. click fit to. now just tell it how many pages it should fit to in the boxes next to it. for proof that it scaled it, go file, print preview. it will show you how many pages it fits. you may have an inch or so with nothing on it (the margins) you can adjust those in page set up too, or just cut them off when you print it out.
Some people use a wing jig for this. What you can do is tape down the outline over a piece of wood or maybe even cardboard. Then hammer in needles all around it, leaving enough space to fit the wire around the needles. This ensures every wing is symmetrical as possible. Great for those who want to make many wings for sales purposes.
To avoid this step, you can instead purchase a roll of 14 gauge galvanized steel wire form Home Depot very cheaply. Or a more expensive but better choice would be plastic coated copper wire.
Dude, sweet wings. Where did you get the striped pants? I kinda need a pair.
I made the stripped pants out of two pairs of pants. i just cut loops of fabric from the legs of one pair and sewed them on to the legs of the other pair.
i did this a few years ago
dude that is noice. you shud totally make it pulse or for epic wins, make it pulse with music. unce unce unce :D
Good idea! I'll add that to the last step.

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