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Introduction: EL Wire Infinity Pong Table

About: Civil Engineering Student

I decided to make an awesome pong table for my new house. Gotta love College Life!

Parts List:
-Fold-Up Plastic Table
-EL wire of your choice
-Driver for the wire of your choice
I Highly recommend coolneon.com
-mirror clips to hold wire
-2"x 4"s for border
-1"4" to border Acrylic Glass
-Sheet of Acrylic Glass
-Roll of mirrored privacy tint. I used this.
-Mirror custom cut to fit inside wood border
-Black Paint
-4 buckles from any hardware store

This was my first build, I'm currently working on a new infinity table made from an old C-5 airplane window using LED's instead of EL Wire.

I also added White wire to the table now, and I'm posting a video of the strobe effect.

Step 1: Create a 2"x 4" Border Around the Top of the Table

I just quickly threw together a border using scraps, now is the time to paint it black too.

Step 2: Get EL I Wire Mounted to the Inside of the Wood Frame

I mounted the wire using mirror clips, and don't forget to drill a hole to feed your power source in.

Step 3: Get the Mirror Cut and Set on Table.

I special ordered my mirror because of the odd dimensions of the table.

Step 4: Put Tint on Acrylic

This was difficult, have some extra help, and follow the tinting instructions. After getting all the bubbles worked out, set the glass with the tint facing towards the mirror.

It already looks super trippy, and this is the infinity effect of the table.

Step 5: Put 1"x 4" Edges and Buckles on Table.

I used a router to cut a 1/4" slot to run the glass down and clamp it on. The 1"x 4" edges are just on the sides, that way I can wipe spilled water off the ends.

The buckles were difficult to install, but they do the job of securing the top and making it removable.



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    I wonder whether it is necessary to explain to those who might have never used reflective film, and are buying a piece specially for this project, that the reflective side should be facing the mirror directly from the bottom of the acrylic, and not on the top side of the acrylic, and facing the mirror? It seems like the same thing because it is facing the mirror, but through the acrylic, you lose that much more brightness, not to mention the diffraction. Also, from the bottom, the top acrylic piece keeps the film flat and protects it as well.

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    I did buy a roll just for this project, but after making one infinity project, you'll want to make more! The side that you tint should face the mirror, aka the interior. That way the tint doesn't take any damage and also reflects better.

    Great idea! this is really cool! I am going to make a smaller table, and I would like to know what brand of tint you used.

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    Looks great! With a tiny drill-bit and a lot of patience, I can see this working for an air-hockey table. Maybe a glowing puck too. Hmmm....

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    How exactly do you get the strobe effect? Is it a separate device?

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    The strobe effect is from the driver of the EL-Wire. You can get whatever effect you want based on the color of the wire and the type of driver you get.

    Thanks! This really is just the start of my many new future infinity tables, I'm currently building one out of an old airplane window that I'll be making an instructable for soon.

    Great, keep it up! I cant wait to learn more awesome projects from you. Say, do you know a way to convert a Pool Infinity Table (Billiards)?

    I don't think you could, because the playing surface would have to be clear so you could place mirrors under the table, I don't think playing on glass would go over very well...

    It is possible. http://fancy.com/things/114973339021218903/Glass-Pool-Table
    I think you might have to coat the glass with something to make it scratch resistant. Maybe something to make it something even more frictionless

    I don't think you need it to be more friction-less, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use english. Normally you play on felt which allows sliding and rolling, though it would definitely look cool if you could pull it off.

    I agree, glass would let the balls roll really weird, but if this is possible I can't even imagine how awesome it would look!

    http://www.nottagedesign.com/G1-pool-table.php If I remember correctly, these are quite pricey, but if you could find the exact or close to the same surface that these tables use you might be able to get the effect.

    That's awesome. I'm assuming the pong you're referring to involves inexpensive plastic cups in some capacity, as it'd be awfully tough to return a proper table tennis serve by the light of EL wire.

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    By pong I definitely mean beer pong, as the table is only 2.5' wide, but the video shows the wire on full strobe, i turn it down when I'm playing because it really does mess with your head!