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I took a workshop on EL wire at a local hackerspace, and this is what I created. It is five feet of El wire hand-sewn  on a jacket. Tada!

Picture notes isn't working so here's what I meant to say:
Picture one: the stitching is a bit messy, but not visible from afar.
Picture two: View of full design glowing
Pictures three and four: Unlit wire on jacket. The driver goes in the pocket.
Picture five: Anonymity is my middle name. Sort of. Also, my name is not Ernst.


Dr. Pepper (author)2011-04-05

Very cool!

noahh (author)Dr. Pepper2011-04-05

Thanks! I wore it around today and got some good reactions.

Dr. Pepper (author)noahh2011-04-05

Really? That's awesome!

noahh (author)Dr. Pepper2011-04-05

Oddly enough, many people thought I have sewn glow sticks to my jacket. I understand that not many people know about EL wire, but that seems like a strange guess. The people who thought that they were glow sticks were nice and complimented my jacket, so I just briefly explained EL wire.

Dr. Pepper (author)noahh2011-04-06

Very nice of you! I'm hoping to see an instructable on it.

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