Picture of EZ-EL Wire Michael Jackson Costume! Step-By-Step Tutorial
This project is a Michael Jackson Costume decorated with yellow EZ-EL wire. Perfect for Halloween or the next costume party you attend!

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Michael Jackson Costume
Two 25' Yellow EL Wire Kits
Wire Stripper
Translucent Thread
Needle Pack
Dritz Safety Pins (Sizes 1 & 2)
Six 5" Black Zip Ties
X-Acto Knife

Step 1: Attach Inverter and Wire to Shoulder Pad

Picture of Attach Inverter and Wire to Shoulder Pad
For this project you are going to need two 25' Yellow EL Wire Kits, one for each side of the jacket. You're going to want to place the inverters under the shoulder pad because it keeps them out of sight. Just clip them to the wire on the inside of the shoulder. Following my design, I created four X’s on the shoulder pad. I used 11 zip ties to keep the wires in a specific shape, and I used safety pins to temporarily attach the wire onto the suit.

However, feel free to take creative license in terms of what type of Michael Jackson costume you use, and what designs you make with the EL Wire.

Step 2: Attach Wire to the Costume Chest

Picture of Attach Wire to the Costume Chest
Work your way down from the shoulders to the chest, using safety pins and zip ties to hold your designs in place. Now would be a good time to make sure all of your designs are neatly and correctly done. Don't sew anything in place just yet, just apply safety pins like I mentioned earlier and make sure your plan is satisfactory.

Step 3: Sew the EL Wire onto the Costume

Picture of Sew the EL Wire onto the Costume
This step is where your designs become permanent. Cut holes throughout the costume with the X-Acto Knife, weaving the EL-wire through those holes. When this is done, sew the wire into the costume with the translucent thread. Something to keep in mind is that your stitch work doesn't necessarily need to be flawless, but ensure that it gets the job done. Remember, this costume is intended for a dark setting!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Enjoy your finished project! Impress your friends at the next costume party!

If you like tutorials like this, get more inspiration athttp://www.ez-el.com/tutorials 

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frurancu2 years ago
Thanks, it did help. :)
frurancu2 years ago
Nice costume, nice work. Can I ask you a question? How many Volts does your inverter put out?
ezelwire (author)  frurancu2 years ago
Hi frurancu,

We use 9v inverter to power the jacket since its about 15ft of EL wire on each side of the jacket. I hope this helps:)
jvl8563 years ago
awesome jacket. can you tell me what MJ jacket or video this was based from?
ezelwire (author)  jvl8563 years ago
Thanks! I actually got the MJ jacket online. You can google MJ jacket and you'll find a few jackets similar to this one. As for the design with the EZ-EL Wire, that came from just playing around with the jacket and wire together.
nice idea, I just bought some EL wire and I was thinking about making a halloween costume... you're MJ costume is awesome, good job
ezelwire (author)  Notquitepinoy3 years ago
Thanks, glad you like the costume!