Step 5: Adding the EL Wire

Now the fun part. Size up the EL wire to run along the lenghts of branches or whatever you have designed. In my case I have made the overall length of the silhouette 1.5m which is the lengths of EL wire that I have.

One of the big problems is how to fix the silhouette to the wall without disturbing the length of light coming from the wire. This is overcome by using white or clear "twisty ties". Cut the card with two slits where the EL wire is to run and poke the twisty tie through. These ties will need to be placed at any point where the design curves or turns. Lay the EL wire and twist the EL wire into place. 

The transformer or battery pack to power the EL wire can be hidden behind the silhouette depending on the size, however, the design may need to be packed out with card or longer pins may need to be used.
<p>Love the look of this. So I made something similar as a night light for my sons room. Thanks for the inspiration. </p>
<p>Hey kiwi girl, that's a really cool idea!</p>
This is very nice. But i am curious about which el-wire you used. Is it 2mm or 4 or 5mm?
Wow that effect is really neat (i love the yellowish green)! Is it possible (I'm assuming so since it's just wires) to slowly fade from one color to the next? It'd be kinda cool to have it shift ever so slowly from yellow to green and back.
thats awesome! i love it!
Very nice, good!
what are you powering yours with?
Adding the EL wire is a really nice element! We make silhouettes now using heavy black foamcore board and vinyl. The EL wire will be a great addition - thanks.
Thats beautiful, I love it!
Nice wall art!

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