Picture of EL wire Steam Burton bonsai (steampunk)
Hi everyone,
My project is a dead bonsaï recycled as a El lamp. I'm sorry but i've lost my datas recently and most of my making off pictures have been deleted :( I'l try to explain this design as close to the original as possible. Feel free to rate it and If you have any questions, just ask!

Step 1: Tools and stuff

Picture of Tools and stuff
Well for that project, you'll need :

-a lot of watch gears
-copper wire
-thin copper layer (not in the picture)
-a dead bonsaï (not in the picture)
-a bonsai pot (not in the picture) Try one with holes in the bottom, 4 will be perfect
-some line tape (pinstriping line tape for exemple. i've got 3 size, 3, 5. 7 mm)
-a cuter
-a lot of patience (not in the picture)
-some bigger gears
-spray paint, color of you choice
-different pliers
-marquetry  wood (not in the picture)
-a thin chisel
-el wire of course (not in the picture)
-a vintage photo frame (not in the picture)
and that's it, or maybe a lot of patience again

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findmarc1 year ago

Great! You can also use wide EL-TAPE for this. I've found theme here www.el-w.com and
here www.etsy.com/shop/lightkraft They were the best prices I've
found in the US.

purple tape.jpg
StoryAddict2 years ago
Technorganic. Love it.
spylock2 years ago
How does one come about so many watch gears,Ive been wanting to do a beetle project I saw on here a while back.
azolina33 years ago
Fantastic! I've been considering something like this!
ilpug4 years ago
this is one of the most beautiful peices of steampunk art i have seen. favorited. Amazing.
cjlopez2134 years ago
Awesome going to have to make one myself :)
jnicewander4 years ago
Coolest thing I've ever seen. Make a Giant one. er life size, you'd win a lot of money in art contests.
stico (author)  jnicewander4 years ago
Haha thanks a lot dude, actually i'm doing a second one, double size and a bit different, but i'm really looking forward to do it life size, with a beautifull dead tree ;)

I've winned the second place for a contest on instructable, but never get my prices, so hope i'll be luckier next time !
XeroTrinity4 years ago
:O Would you ever sell it? =P
stico (author)  XeroTrinity4 years ago
I think i will but i don't know when. I'm working on another one, but it's a pretty long job ^^.
this is so cool! Where do you get so many watch parts?
Ward_Nox5 years ago
more Cyberpunk than steam punk but cool
?how? Cyberpunk is much more like what we (optimistically) envision today's future to be(the cyberpunk derives from cybernetics and punk, cybernetics being, in very simple terms, study of how things are controlled. Cyborg is also derived for it refers a borg or robot helping to control and regulate human functions). Steampunk, on the other hand, is what we envision yesterday's future to be, and by yesterday, I of course mean the 1800s industrial revolution- filled with gear boxes and based on steam, as opposed to our modern world, filled with CPUs and based on voltage.
agreed :)
I like it just wish people wouldn't call everything steam punk. This isnt steampunk in any understanding of the word. It could be called futuristic or even retrofuturistic though.
I'm sorry, I thought retrofuturistic was a pretty damn big part of steampunk. You know, the whole "if the Victorians designed the future and modern/future technology" thing. Sorry, my mistake.
Exectly right. Calling something steampunk doesn' t make it steampunk
stico (author)  akrambler5 years ago
I agrre but when you've got a weird tree full of watches gears and copper stuff, it's definitly not Impressionism...
stico (author)  shizumadrive5 years ago
sorry for that :(. To me, it's steampunk, but i don't want to hurt someone feelings, call it a dead bonsai :)
Ahh don't worry its a cool project. I think im just tired from seeing Boing Boing use the word steampunk in every other word of their articles.
makerdan5 years ago
Great project! One question though--does your EL wire make a high-pitched noise when it's turned on? Mine does, and it's kinda annoying. Again though, great project!!
stico (author)  makerdan5 years ago
Thanks! Nope, my el wire doesn't make a noise at all.
eviltechie5 years ago
You should add some el wire into the grooves of the tree that lead out onto the branches. That would be cool.
Steampunk = Neo-Victorian in some manner, Cyberpunk = modern-futuristic. This is definitely the latter of the two. I don't ultimately care, but as you can see above, some folk do, so maybe this helps. Both styles are among my favourites anyway, and in the end whatever else you call this, it's still art and it's still awesome!
stico (author)  SteamDaibhidh5 years ago
Thanks for that answer, maybe it can help. Acutally i don't know how you do to differenciate both styles for this project. It can be Neo victorian in a way, or Cyberpunk for thoses who are used to cyberpunk, but i really have trouble to differenciate both, and to see where the point in all that conversation :D. But thanks again for that, i'll try to use those words with care !
cavalaxis5 years ago
Brilliant. Beautiful. (Also, there's no wrong way to do steampunk. Context is everything. The idea is what counts.)
stico (author)  cavalaxis5 years ago
thanks, i can't agree more
samanella5 years ago
Wow, it's beautiful!
Dang dude. You've it dedication. I don't think I'd be able to spend that much time on something like this! But it sure is a cool final result! Good luck in the contest!
The tree looks very beautiful. I find it interesting how raw metal gears, screws, nuts, and other "junk" items can become such interesting leaves and decorations. Just as a bonsai tree condenses in so much detail into a single pot, your hard work exemplifies good miniaturization. Your lighting of the pot rim with EL wire is stunning, great work!
stico (author)  QuackMasterDan5 years ago
Thanks! I'll try to do the same project on a bigger tree, it can be nice too i guess. Now i can fit my bonzai in its box! : http://www.instructables.com/id/Box-made-out-of-slats/ One more time, Thanks a lot!
very awesome, love the way it looks
stico (author)  steveoondyou5 years ago
EvlPwnda5 years ago
DIYDragon5 years ago
The truly amazing part.. I totally have a dead bonsai on my lanai. LOL Time to turn it into a creepy tree. Have to find some watch parts..
stico (author)  DIYDragon5 years ago
Yeah! And share the result please!
SubFusion5 years ago
Nice, I saw this cool thing: a dinosaur custume with EL wire, making the guy wearing it invisible at night :)
ChrysN5 years ago
Wow, this looks amazing, especially the gears at the base of the tree, great job!
nickodemus5 years ago
Holy wow. That is awesome.
stico (author)  nickodemus5 years ago
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