I bought this go cart used with no battery's or charger. its runs from 12 to 24 volts, so i took my RYOBI 18 volt  flash light apart and hooked it to the wires that went to the battery. i have a bunch of these batterys so the fun never stops, cause there is always a couple on charge. also it did not have reverse, so i wired in a toggle switch to control the direction.
<p>I want to make a electric car for mechanical project I need a dc motor less than equal to 3000 w max rpm 3600 max torque 12.8nm at 2400 rpm power consumption max 48 volt can u recomend me some motor name or link which would suit best for me....thanx in advance... </p>
<p>big ebike motor sounds about right. have a look at the cromotor</p>
<p>sorry mine had the electric motor on it when i got it. i just made it run off of cordless drill batteries. </p>
Thanks for answering :)<br>Good idea!<br>
Hi, Thanks for your idea !But I have a question, i didn't understand what's the role of the flash light in your go cart?
<p>i had the flashlight laying around so i took it apart and wired it to the power wires of the cart. then my kids were able to easily remove the batteries to recharge them. in short the flashlight housing just holds the battery.</p>
<p>upload a video of it running.</p>
<p>sorry, i would but i sold it.</p>

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