Hi friend's, I am sunil   ,today I want to share with  you a very intresting project - ELECTRIC MAN....
 In this project a small plate could be paced in your hand which  is connected to he  shock -circuit  ..............now if  we shake hands with you enemy .....ah! ..ah! ...... they get a SHOCK
      The shock circuit I used was extracted from mosquito- racket but I have also given a simple shock circuit'

Step 1:

1)small light metal plate
3)battery 2.4V
4)shock circuit 

Step 2: �try to Fix the to Metal Plate in Your Hand As Shown Below

 connect a long wire to small metal plate one side and other side with the shock circuit

Step 3:

 try to fix the to metal plate in your hand as shown below ..........now it's done....... enjoy.......
What is the &quot;shock circuit&quot;?<br /> <br /> Where did you get it, or how did you make it?<br /> <br /> What sort of voltage does the victim receive?<br /> <br /> How do you make sure the user doesn't get shocked?<br /> <br /> (And, you don't need such large plates - single wires will do the job.)<br /> <br /> Browse the site for <em>taser</em> or <em>tazer</em> projects to see the sort of information people <em>need</em> to build these properly and safely.<br />
I think he said it was from a mosquito/electric fly swatter/racket thing. The ones that you swat them and press a button to cook them with a nasty smell.... :)
Or take apart a gag-shocker, sold at every store with pranks, to see how to build it correctly.&nbsp; Those are easily modified - I can't imagine using a bug-zapper-strength system (those can burn), but I suppose some friends have blacker senses of humor than I.<br />

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