hey this is our project..................this is really cool projects can be used as a back-up source for generates around 230-240v of energy


ash nagargoje (author)2014-07-25


waldosan (author)2012-08-16

what's the average amp and wattage? i thought about doing something like this with a dead tread mill that i have...

aditya jain 999 (author)waldosan2012-08-17

it generates about 240v.........ya ya you can make and it will be good to see ..bdw check out my youtube channel which is "DIYguy999"

rimar2000 (author)2012-08-16

Nice project.

But energy is not measured in Volts. You measure only the voltage

ya ya sorry it measures voltage if we get good rpm it can lit up whole house's electricity.....bdw check out my youtube channel which is "DIYguy999"

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