At the 0054 video, we experimented using transformers from broken microwaves making a very strong electromagnet. This electromagnet is intended to be placed on the crane that we have already made in our workshop in order to be able to lift heavy, metallic objects.

Step 1: Transformers

To start the particular project, we removed the transformers from three destroyed microwaves. Then, we cut the upper surface of the transformer and we removed the secondary coil replacing it with the primary one. In this way, we turned the transformer into an electromagnet. The same procedure has been followed in all the three transformers.

<p>Very Nice......been a subscriber for a while now.</p>
Awesome magnet! Good job
<p>Nice project! I'm gladly a subscribe on your channel.</p>
<p>Thank you very much! :)</p>
<p>that's sick!!!!</p>
<p>Thanks! :)</p>
<p>Why the female plug on electromagnet? I know it's only 24V but it's still against electrical regulations!!</p>

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