EMAIL PHONE SECURITY SYSTEM - ON Windows, for non linux users

Picture of EMAIL PHONE SECURITY SYSTEM - ON Windows, for non linux users
First things first, big shout out to Action_Owl, and KipKay.    This is instructable was idealistically created by KipKay, and Bones by Action_Owl.  I adapted the code and concept for something a little easier to use on my windows PC.  You can find their instructables with the following links

Thanks for your ideas and creativity.
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Step 1: Things you will needs.

Picture of Things you will needs.
Here is a list of items you will need
  • Soldering Tools
  • A PC with USB ports, and internet connection
  • Email address.
  • Autoit Scripting language - Download here. -
  • Adruino Uno rev 3
  • Laser pointer any color, - for this instructable i used red. (they are cheap)
  • 100k ohm 5% tolerance resistor.
  • 1 Photo resistor, any size
  • 24 gauge wire.
  • Some Thermal Shrink tube.
  • Mirror squares.

Step 2: Building your laser sensor

Picture of Building your laser sensor
Look at the picture below and follow the tool tips

Making a light hood for the Photo resistor is essential! Random light will keep your sensor from detecting a trips if you fail to construct yours correctly.

Step 3: Building your laser

Picture of Building your laser
Remove your laser from its housing.
Connect the two power leds, one to the positive, one to the negative, which on this laser was + housing, Negative, spring.

Once the laser is wired up,  Connect it to   Digital pins GND, and pin13

Then secure it, I used a piece of 2x4 and zip ties.

Congrats your laser tripwire is now completely assembled,  Now lets move to programming.
takyatane9 months ago

wonderful bro!! what a great idea