Turn an old useless jar into your emergency hot chocolate supply for those cold winter times when you despritly need sugar.

Step 1: Makeing the Hot Chocolate

1.Bring 1-2 cups of milk to the boil.
2.Add any kind of chocolate into a bowl.
3.Pour the milk into the bowl of chocolate.
4.Stir well untill all the chocolate is desolved.
5.Pour into jar and store in fridge untill needed.

Step 2: Other Options

You may also like to store milkshake, coffee, iced chocolate or iced coffee
Hello, Finn.
how long can you leave it in the fridge for???
until you want it then u reheat it microwave works best
<p>Mmm I like the sound of this! When does one NOT need hot chocolate? Thanks for sharing!</p>

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