Picture of EMERGRNCY LIGHT With mobile phone battery

There were a few Discarded Mobile Phone Batteries lying around the house, so I was thinking how to use them as they had plenty of juice left in them to run something.

This is how I could find a use for them by making an Emergency LED light.

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Step 1: Parts you will need.

Picture of Parts you will need.

33 LED’s of 5mm.

One LED 1 watt.

A thin PVC sheet to fix the LED’s.

An old PVC light case.

3 Discarded Mobile Phone Batteries of 3.6 volts each.

1 single pole double throw switch. (SPDT)

Wires, solder etc.

Step 2:

Picture of

Fix the LED’s to the PVC sheet in 3 rows of 11 LED’s.

Check the polarity of the LED’s.

Step 3:

Picture of

Wire the LED’s, Batteries, and Switch as shown in the Circuit diagram.

No resistance or Capacitor have been used in this project. 

Step 4:

Picture of

All the 3 Batteries should be connected in parallel, so that the voltage remains 3.6 volts at all times.

Charging the batteries should be done separately one after the other.

Never charge the Batteries all together because they are Lithium-Ion Batteries and may EXPLODE by using unregulated battery charger voltage.

Step 5:

Picture of

Your Emergency LED light is ready.

Switch ON the 1watt led or the 33 LED’s as you wish.

This light is lightweight due to the batteries and can also be used by Kids.

It will give you uninterrupted light for at least 3 hours.


Step 6: Charging the Batteries

Picture of Charging the Batteries
Charging the Batteries with a Li-Ion Battery Charger.
ramizsattar3 years ago
Please check.

This circuit has LEDs is series. Battery voltage is 3.6v and LEDs asking for 33v???

LEDs chould be in paralell and must have a current limiting resistor or LED driver.
Dipankar (author)  ramizsattar3 years ago
SORRY I have uploaded the wrong circuit Diagram, thanks for pointing it out to me. THANKS....................