Step 18: Headphones

Picture of Headphones

Put on the headphones. Notice how you can adjust the length of the beep by tensing and relaxing your muscle.

Now, you can train yourself to produce a sound of a certain duration by concentrating on that muscle group.

You can also monitor the sensor readings by plugging the Arduino back into the computer and turning on the serial monitor. Make certain you unplug any external voltage sources to the Arduino before you try this.
barrasundy3 years ago
This is a fantastic instructable randofo! Thank you, it was just what I was looking for.

I do have a couple of questions that I hope you wouldn't mind answering:
1. Is the EMG device audible without the headphones?
2. Is it sensitive to even the slightest muscle contraction?

Much appreciation in advance.
randofo (author)  barrasundy3 years ago
1. Nope
2. Not sure. Depends how slight you are hoping to sense.