EMP Generator Schematic





Introduction: EMP Generator Schematic

These are my plans for an EMP Generator.  It uses flash circuits from disposable cameras to power the coil. I plan to make an instructable of it soon. Leave me any comments or tips. Thanks.

The parts list is as follows:

1project box
3 flash circuits (from disposable camreas)
3 AAA battery holders
1 9v battery clip
1 9v battery holder
1 390 ohm resistor
1 red L.E.D
1 green L.E.D
1 12 DC PC relay
2 L.E.D holders
5 momentary switches
2 on/off switches
1 iron core coil
1 momentary switch (2 contacts)

The small diagram on the back is an alternate firing setup if the momentary switch with 2 channels is not available.

It would require another relay, momentary switch and 390 ohm resistor, and inexplicably a blue LED.

After looking at the original I am actually impressed with the elegancy of the design. Not bad for something I drew in class :)



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    so this is a DC power schematic do you think you could draw an AC high voltage schematic if so. I will build it test it and perfect it.

    what AWG did you use and how many windings does your coil have?

    its really great

    an awesome project of mini emp... iliked it

    true genius comes with bad hand writing, I like this slot.: )

    that was true bro...

    www.empgenerator.com - all jammers in 1 site


    its a great

    you have very bad handwriting....

    even worse than my handwriting