This is an instructable for configuring an EMUTAG to work as a Davinci Jr or Mini NFC card.

Whilst the EMUTAG can be used with a NFC enabled phone, this instructable does not show you what pages to amend. That part is all done by the .net app that I have provided. Check the soliforum pages to find out what to write.

If you don't have an arduino and wouldn't know what to do anyway, then I can supply all the above (Software, Anduino Nano and PN532 card) - message me through the Soliforum website. Not here please.


EMUTAG - NTAG213 version:
Please make sure you order the NTAG213 version... as a check you may want to put a seller note in and say it was "recommended by cgrillo"... the seller will then know the version you're after (a nice double check).
If it is showing as out of stock but other versions are there then just send him a message and he'll sort you out - I think it's just a case of re-flashing the unit.

Software for Arduino:
If that auction is not open - check out the seller's other auctions.

I think the software is Uno / Mega specific - I have been advised that it does notwork on a Leonardo.
(Unos are very cheap on eBay)

PN532 card:
Adafruit card wired as SPI recommended.
It does work with the substantially cheaper square RED PN532 cards - SPI wired.

Why would you want to do this?

XYZ have been clever in their post v2.2.0 Jr firmware versions and all Mini firmware versions and this stops you using "refilled" NFC tags as it seems to remember the Card UID and the previous length remaining.

Using this method, if you have other UIDs, Passwords and PACK codes, then the printer thinks you have a new "original" NFC card and will allow you to continue printing with your favourite non-XYZ branded PLA.

This will also work for Jr firmware of 2.2.0 and below, but isn't necessarily needed as you can just "refill" the NFC tag

There is one small downside and some things to remember

Do not leave the EMUTAG in the printer whilst it is powered on and you are not printing - it will drain the batteries.
This is because it will be in the presence of a reader field as it's ready to send data, so the unit consumes power.

The life of the batteries can be as low as 8 hours when in constant use - and you don't want to start printing and the batteries go flat.... It may halt the print.
You should not take the batteries out each time as you'll have to reset the EMUTAG with a new card UID - and you'll soon run out of cad UIDs to use. Just remove it from the printer or turn the printer off.
The lifespan of the batteries when not "in use" (n the presence of a reader field) is years... check the EMUTAG web page for details.

Fortunately AG8 batteries are cheap on eBay - I just picked up 100 for £5.99.

Step 1: Getting Started

Once you have all the prerequisites, and have loaded the software on the arduino, check that it all works.

You can see by this print screen that I have read a blank EMUTAG. The problem we have here is that the Page 0 data is not writable. (Neither is Page 1).

Step 2: Get UID, Password and PACK Code

Read your da Vinci NFC tag and obtain the PACK code - using the password you have for the card.

If you need the password, try this link. http://www.soliforum.com/topic/15817/davinci-jr-a...

Or - obtain your UID, Password and PACK code another way ;)

Step 3: Update the EMUTAG

This app only works with the Arduino - not the ACR122

Download my small .Net app UpdateEmutag.zip

Now using my application, connect to the arduino (leaving the previously loaded software in it) and get the card data with the EMUTAG placed on the reader.

If it doesn't think it's an EMUTAG then it will tell you.

Set the UID, Password and PACK one at a time. The field will change to have a green background when it has been set.
Don't update all 3 fields at once as when any of the UID, Password or PACK is updated it refreshes all 3 of the fields.

Set the Temperature and Length as required.

You can also edit Page 9 data (covered in a later step - read the Soliforum threads on why and what to change).

Click the "Set Data" button and the data will be written to the card.

For info:
Clear Green = 210 deg
Clear Yellow = 190 deg

You can now "lock" the EMUTAG and it will behave identically to the original XYZ NFC card.
Try it by re-running the Mifare Classic RFID Card Learning Tool

Step 4: The Proof Is in the Pudding

You can now try the card in the printer.

YES - it is a tad larger than the stock NFC cards, so you may have to find another way of handling this..
I have removed the internal spool holder and use a slightly modified version of this:- http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1876514

If the printer says it's an unrecognised spool, then now is the time to edit the page 9 data.
Just add 1 to the last byte.
I believe that the number must also represent an ascii character (after conversion of the number from HEX to Decimal)


<p>Hi there! I'm new with my DaVinci Jr 1.0w version 2.2.9 and want to know if it will work for me. I read the posts but no one said if their printers are wifi model or not. </p><p>Thanks in advance!</p>
<p>Yes, it will work for the wifi model -it works for all models that use the NTAG213 cards.<br>More info on the Soliforum pages.</p>
Tks cgrillo! I've just heard about arduino in drone issues. A read this page and looks a little bit complicated, but Ivll do a good resarch at solidforum... Tks again
<p>Hi, first thanks for all the info!!!<br>I would like to ask two questions:<br>1 - Do you have plans to release UpdateEmuTag for Linux or OSX? or share the source for it to be compiled on a different platform?<br>2 - I'm really new with nfc tags, but I wonder would any other pvc NTAG213 card work instead of the Emutag? I wonder this because of the battery issues on the Emutag<br><br>Thanks again!</p>
No, I have no plans to develop it for another platform.<br>The battery issues aren't that bad really.....it's really a non-issue.<br>Other tags cannot be used as they can't have their UID changed - and we need the corresponding password and PACK code.
<p>I see, it makes total sense. Thank you sir!</p>
<p>I'm very new to this scene. I've read many threads from yourself and others about using other filaments in the XYZ printers. I've lost count how many times I've reread threads on the soliforum. I can see the extensive research and dedication you have put into this, and I appreciate the help you are providing for me and others.</p><p>I apologise in advance if I've overlooked details that you have already explained or have been said in other posts. Things have only just started to click and I wanted to make sure I was on the right track before purchasing anything.</p><p>I own a daVinci Jr. 1.0 on 2.2.7 firmware. I have a new tag from XYZ filament that has never touched the printer.</p><p>To clarify, what I will need to do is purchase an EMUTAG - NTAG213, an Arduino UNO, PN532 card and the software for the Arduino.</p><p>Are these the correct steps to take?</p><p>- Connect the Arduino UNO to the PN532 card.</p><p>- Connect the Arduino to my PC via USB.</p><p>- Install the software to the Arduino.</p><p>- Scan the daVinci tag and obtain the password from you guys on the forum (of course a donation will be made no matter if I need to or not!)</p><p>- Then load up the .net app. Scan the EMUTAG and input the UID, Password and Pack from the daVinci tag used in the previous step.</p><p>If all goes to plan, it's done?</p><p>I would then need to remove the spool holder from the printer to expose the printers NFC reader. Then use a holder to store the printers reader and the EMUTAG together.</p><p>Sorry, it's such a long message. I hope it doesn't annoy. Thank you!</p>
<p>You're correct up to the &quot;Scan the daVinci tag&quot; part.<br>With the Emutag, you don't need to use your card.<br>Look at the link to the soliforum thread and on Page 1 of the thread there is a link to a CSV file. This contains card UIDs, Passwords and PACK codes.<br>Using my .Net app, you put these numbers on the Emutag - then get printing.</p>
<p>Ah makes sense! I will still share my tag details to the community so it can be added to the CSV file, and I would love to donate a little to your efforts in all this.</p><p>If you don&rsquo;t mind, just a couple other things about the tag and its use within the printer.</p><p>Again, I&rsquo;ve reread the &ldquo;one small downside&rdquo; over and over. Just need some more clarification, please. AKA some rookie questions. (For which I apologise!)</p><p>In theory, the EMUTAG could remain in the printer for years? As long as you follow the two methods you mentioned above (removing the EMUTAG when not printing and switching the printer off).</p><p>How fast do you have to remove the EMUTAG from the printer when not printing? Say, unloading a spool or setting it up for a print. Is there much wiggle room?</p><p>Would the EMUTAG internal batteries get charged by the NFC reader once printing begins?</p><p>When the EMUTAG is removed from the printer and stored away, it doesn&rsquo;t use battery power or reset the details?</p><p>I read in a few places about never letting the tags read 0m left on the spool. Is this the same with an EMUTAG?</p><p>Once the EMUTAG reads low spoolage, does it then require a reset with new UID details? Or is there a work-around (to date) to continue using the same UID but reset the spool count? </p>
<p>There is no &quot;urgency&quot; when I say remove the emutag from the printer when not printing, it just drains the batteries quicker (not instantly) if the emutag is in the reader field.</p><p>The emutag batteries do not get charged at all.</p><p>When the emutag is not in the printer it does us battery power - but very little - check the emutag website.</p><p>There are no constraints on letting the tag run to zero as the printer may try and lock it - fine - all you need to do is re-write it.</p><p>Once the EMUTAG reads low/empty , you will need to change UID and start again. there is no workaround for most printers (only Jr with firmwares 2.2.0 and before) </p>
<p>Found the details regarding the power in the EMUTAG. It has an &quot;automatic power saving feature reducing power consumption to almost zero when the electromagnetic field of a reader is not acting on the antenna.&quot;</p><p>That's pretty nifty! (Maybe I'm just showing my lack of knowledge here, haha.)</p><p>Again, thank you for answering my questions. I shall be ordering the parts and reading up on it some more throughout the day!</p>
<p>will this work with 2.3.3 on a DaVinci Jr?</p>
Yes :)
I can not download the .net app allthough I have na account when I choose the plus and put the link in the field it doesn't work can somebody help me ? Thanks
<p>The files has 0 bytes.....when I open it , it is empty?</p>
I have re-uploaded it - sorry about that!
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
<p>Thanks a lot, this worked fine with a DaVinci Mini W. I'd just point out that the Arduino software won't work with a Leonardo, but that should be a non-issue with UNO being so dirt cheap.</p>
Thanks for the info, I'll clarify it in the details.
Can i just hook up a power supply to the emutag?
<p>Yes, but read the EMUTAG page.</p>
will this work with firmware 2.2.8 on a DaVinci Jr?
Yes, it should work for all da Vinci Jr firmwares
<p>Hi, does this work for 2.2.7 ? Or other solution ?</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Yes, it shoudl work for 2.2.7 if you get another UID, Password and PACK to use.<br>Set up the EMUTAG as this &quot;new card&quot; and it will work.</p>
<p>These look really useful. Thanks for sharing with the community.</p>

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