Picture of The mini ZT456 Gun(Bunduk's true trigger)(small easy 2 build)
If you have a few pieces and /or aren't an experienced knex builder, this is the gun for you. This Instructable has very clear instructions. It has a true trigger. adding a mag is easy, but like I said, this is a noob gun. I was inspired by BUNDUK so give him/her some credit. thanks, and enjoy!

(adding a laser is fun too. watch my vid with the laser.)hi
it isnt difficult

Step 1: The BARRELL

Picture of The BARRELL
I:\MSSEMC\Media files\image\T\3.JPG
I:\MSSEMC\Media files\image\T\3.0.JPG
it is quite simple. peice count:
Orange connectors:1
Red connectors:8
Light grey2 connectors:2
rod/connecor black peice 2
yellow rods:2
White/grey little rods:1
Black/green toney rod:1

Get your two yellow rods. add a red connector in between the two rods. add two more red connectors. get the orange connector and add a connector/rod peice to one end, and the green/black rod to the other.gather the white/grey rod and 2 light grey connectors. add the two grey connectors to the white/grey rod. add 5 more red connectors.AND I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS. ADD ANOTHER ROD/CONNECOTR BLACK PEICE PARRALEL TO WHERE THE BLOCK THINGY IS. If this wasnt clear enough, you need a new brain

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ryry20114 years ago
a10lover4 years ago
awesome gun (dont put too many rubber bands on the orange piece that holds the pin)
jackerboy5 years ago
can somebody help me with the trigger i just cant get it to work
DeadLocked5 years ago
I play War Rock :D level 11
ash1494 (author)  DeadLocked5 years ago
i used to 2 years agop but ive stopped lol, i cant be bothered cxhanging the display pixcture, ia ctually spend most of my time out with friends skating :D
Tom Buckey6 years ago
mate 5/5 great gun i made it but adjusted it so the firing pin is a red rod and ive added a secret ingredient so it shoots bb's
Not so secret anymore cus some1 posted an instructable on how to convert it to fure bb's
yes how long ago did i post this comment and also i already posted a couple of comments on tht ible
Sorry didn't realize
tahirhh6 years ago
Is there a way to make this without y connecters cus i got none? thanks :-)
ash1494 (author) 7 years ago
guys shud i post my deagle? its roughly 18 cm . it has a detatchable clip for the handle it is a tru trigger, and its not bulky, but still sturdy.it has a good range and fires green rods, shud i post?
I feel honered to look at the place where your hamster was.
ash1494 (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
jli17 years ago
its annoyingly good but:
how the **** do you add a mag! (that holds at least 6 rounds)
ash1494 (author)  jli17 years ago
i made a gun with the same system, that can hold up to 15 blue rods, true trigger magazine upside down comfy handle
ash1494 (author)  jli17 years ago
EASY.. check out my vid serch ashinknex and ill post ther insytructions ashinknex 4 youtube btw
crestind7 years ago
Not bad! This newbie gun has a nice design! I like your "sexy bed sheets"
i guess he has had a baby on that bed
bunduk crestind7 years ago
mines better
bunduk7 years ago
you copied my trigger
ash1494 (author)  bunduk7 years ago
bunduk ash14947 years ago
oh thanks sorry i looked at the picture and ruled it of to be honest i dont know why you have posted this gun when it is a copy of mine but with no mag
ash1494 (author)  bunduk7 years ago
ash1494 (author)  bunduk7 years ago
soz ill rename it, miniture (the guns name) and then this hey ur online!
theKNEXfolo7 years ago
nice gun and best of all not a block trigger! and u cood prolly add a mag to it
ash1494 (author)  theKNEXfolo7 years ago
yep u can, i have but id let u guys get creative..
Drewzer6677 years ago
Pretty good for a noob gun!i like it!
ash1494 (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
i was off skol and i was waiting for ya to come on. i thought ud be happy
Whats skol?
"skool", he mispelled a mispell... it is supposed to be "school"
ty lol
ash1494 (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
ty and lol wer eboth instant messaging lol ermm how do yuo stop the elow liek black and blue peice from getting stuck on the yellow half moon connector when the ram is pulled back? on your gun btw
Im not sure i was tinkering with it and the ram stopped locking on the half moon. + its still a prototype.itl be upgraded tommorow, and ill post another vid.
ash1494 (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
k, its funny how i made it by looking atr ur vid lol
i have school too, and i will post aswell. modded of course. and lol were getting new record for a instructables chat( urs was like 2 mins ago lol)
ash1494 (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
i had one tht was 18 seconds..
ash1494 (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
13 seconds lool
gtg soon though, gotta do some designing.
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