I made this to keep my electrostatic sensitive device safe. It's made of a cd holder and esd safe foam.
Would a grounded metal cabinet be more effective?
Maybe, but I got that rack, that day. Along with the foam.
good one but I would add a reinforcement to the foam just in case
in case of what its some pretty stiff foam and its glued the entire lenght of the seams
Is that static dissipative foam? Or is it just EPS or something?
its esd safe foam made for electronic devices
It's glaringly obvious, but no-one's though of it yet... Good job! :)
thanks i just was tired of the esd bags so i made this
I normally just hope for the best, or get a block of ridgid foam and glue aluminium foil to it. :)
Your welcome!
how much did this cost?
for me free. you can find the cd racks for a couple bucks used and then get some esd foam my. dad had a sheet leftover from a lcd monitor box he made ill puts pics of that up too
just out of curiosity of other ways to build it if you make one please post pics
I will!

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