How to modify a electric airsoft gun so that you can control it using a remote control
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Step 1: Gather Materials

The things you will need for this project are:

Two servos

One Electric Air soft gun (any kind should work)

Some wire

A push button switch

An FM receiver, one that you can plug servos in to... not a radio

Some wood


Step 2: Modify Airsoft gun

First open up your gun, there should be a few screws in the sides . Then once its opened, make a short between one of the battery terminals and the motor with the switch in between, be sure to leave a lot of wire before the switch. Next run the wire with the switch on it to the outside of the gun. Now you can put the cover back on the gun with the screws you removed. You can just barely see the wires inside my gun in the picture below.

Step 3: Build Base

This step can be done however you like because it will determine how the whole thing looks, but I will still post some instructions.

With the wood make two bases one bigger than the other. On the smaller of the two put two other pieces of wood on opposite sides going up perpendicular to the base. Next cut a few wooden spacer blocks to go between the bases.This may sound confusing but the pictures should help.
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coolkidtn2 years ago
Is there by any chance that you could connect this to the ceiling?
keeeneth2 years ago
hi im currently doing a project for school which is similar to the post above.
however im using a much larger gun , the nerf nitron

and we will be mounting in on a mini monster truck.. i was wondering if you had any idea of how to create a remote trigger from the gun which can either be mounted on the gun itself or by bypassing the motor and flywheel.. thanks so much, any help is appreciated
You can get servo motors to pull the trigger or gearboxes. :-)
Tinoman992 years ago
Is this remote wireless or not??
corn holio3 years ago
dude i made my own version. i don't have pics because during my last airsoft war it got knocked over, kicked, shot with airsoft bbs, and it got crushed by a big rock some guy threw at it.
Hey can you tell me how much it will be for all of this, and how difficult is it to make? Is there a way to make it move on its own with like a sensor?
I would contact one of the sites that specialise in RC Tanks or look on eBay for some second hand spares! I am going to start this project as my next instructable! I'll let everyone know how I get on!
CameronC5 years ago
seems kinda cheap, but hey, it looks quick to build. Little things such as how much better/more professional it is to have a relay board for the gun to fire, and the way that the bottom servo is secured (Use screws or glue, not wire!) could be improved, but overall a really good instructable. I'm actually gonna make one of these =P.
agdollison6 years ago
you now what would be cool would take one of those rc airsoft tanks and take out the airsoft components and rig it up to an rc helicopter
You know they do make RC airsoft helicopters
serith5 years ago
Do you control it by rc? you say pleanty about a reciever to plug the servos into, but nothing about a transmitter...
mine is better!!!
Raymaas156 years ago
May I suggest Using a cheap r/c car.I got mine at walmart for 6$ then get a magnetic relay switch for 3$ here's the link. Now the gun I used was a crosman pulse it was 40$ at's how 2 build it. It is easier than it may sound/look . take the car apart and find the 2 wires that go to the rear motor.cut these where they are connected to the the same with the steering/turning motor in connect these wires to the magnetic relay switch to connectors that are on opposite sides of take the gun apart.the crosman pulse has all the gears and motor encased inside so u don't hav 2 worry about gears falling cut the 2 wires going to the motor and leave ablout an inch of wire left on the motor. Now take the rechargeable battery that came with the gun and connect the batterys negative wire to the motors negative wire.finally connect the motors positive wire to one of the remaining ports on the magnetic switch(use a longer wire).finally connects the batteries positive wire to the last port on the switch and you're ready to start shootin for a turret take the motor from the car and connect it to the 2 wires left on the r/c car and stabilize it and mount it now you're finished!!! Simply use the up/down lever on the controller to shoot and the left/right lever to rotate the turret.if you want me to make an instructable or have any questions email me at
post an instructable on that plz i need an airsoft turret for my airsoflt wars
i dont know if ill get around to making an instructable because a have already built mine, but, the easiest way to make one is to take an r/c car and put the wires tthat go to the cars motor and connect them to the airsoft guns for the turret u could prolly hot glue the gun to one of the cars wheels ? but glue like a wooden square or somthing first so it dont turn 2 fast
put up some pics im trying to make it.
make a instructable
heyy we used that idea for our science fair/ science night project and we aced it. although we found that we didnt need to add those wings
alfonso (author)  unistudmuffin6 years ago
Yeah, the wings were going to be used for another axis of rotation (up and down) but I ran out of servos and never took the wings off.
couldnt you just hook up the servo that fires the gun to just pull the trigger so you dont have to mess with the gun just put on a bar so when it rotates it presses the trigger
alfonso (author)  four_eyes9546 years ago
Thats what I was originally going to do, but the trigger on my gun was too hard for the servo to pull.
Hawaii000006 years ago
It would be cool if it was autonomous maybe that can be your next step
im doind my school science project on this turret can u estimate about the cost of the whole thing?
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
Well, first of all, I'm not sure if your school would like you bringing a turret to school. But anyway, I think the total cost if you had none of the stuff listed would probably be around $50 to $80 if you looked around for the best price.
ok I got the parts what do i use to power the fm reciever and how do i do it?
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
On the FM receiver there is a battery port. You will need to buy a battery that works with the FM receiver that you got. The battery is not a normal type of battery. It will only be available from a hobby shop and it is rechargeable. Wherever you got the FM receiver, go back there and ask them for a battery that will work with your receiver.
also I want ot ask one more question when you opened up the gun how what did you do inside with the wire and switch.... what swith are u talking about
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
The gun I used is an electric airsoft gun. When the trigger is pulled, it pushes on a switch. That switch is connected from the airsoft guns batteries to the guns motor. Basically what I did was extend the switches wires so that the switch would reach outside of the gun when I closed the gun back up. Then I replaced the switch with a push button switch instead of a sliding switch. This was so that when the switch could be pushed by the servo.
how much is a push button and were can u get one?
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
The push button is only going to cost around 50 cents. You should be able to get one from radioshack.
What did u use to extend the switches wires and once you get them outside the gun what did u do because i still dont understand?
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
I used some wire to extend the wire that was already on the switches. The servo is a lot like a motor that has a piece of plastic on the end. What I did was I put the servo and the switch close enough to each other so that when the servo turned, the piece of plastic on the the servo would press down on the switch. I had to take the switch and put it on the outside of the gun so that the servo would be able to press it down.
did the wire have to be conductive in order to recieve the signal from the switch and where do you put the push button?
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
Yes the wire has to be conductive to take the signal from the switch. The switch does not have to be in any particular place except it must be in the right place so that the servo can turn and press the switch. In the image I attached you can see the servo ( the black box thing with the white piece of plastic) and the switch just to the right of it. As you can see, if the servo were to turn that white piece of plastic, it would hit the switch.
Gun 004.jpg
where can you get just wire from radio shack?
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
Yea I think I got the wire I used from radioshack, and I know they sell all kinds of wire. You should talk to your dad, or maybe your mom. They probably know how to build, and where to get a lot of this stuff.
all right cool thanx for all ur help!
alfonso (author)  stickyfangas5626 years ago
No problem man, let me know if you need any more help.
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