ESL Game: Bang! Bang!


Introduction: ESL Game: Bang! Bang!

Write sentences on the board, they must all have a similar start and end.

Practise saying “Bang! Bang!.. (sentence start), then “Bang! Bang!..( full sentence).

Students stand in a circle.

Teacher shoots once student and he/she ducks.

Teach says “Bang! Bang!” followed by a sentence starter.

The students on either side of the “shot student”, then shoot each other.

As they shoot, they say the full sentence.

Slowest is eliminated.



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    Hi, I trained volunteers for 12 years to become Free ESL tutors (1 to 1) for a non profit. Our wait list for adult students was 2 years long. It was heartbreaking so we started free classes. I live in Mass. USA. I had to quit teaching to get a full time job. I miss the classroom so much.

    Hello. No, I don't. I teach in China. I run my own training centers here. Do you teach too?