This time the integration of ESP8266 and the Node-RED platform was realized integrating a sensor DS18B20 of Protocol of Temperature Onewire.

From an HMI or SCADA Web creator on Node-Red-Dashboard using as base the MQTT Protocol and pubsubclient library converting the ESP8266 into MQTT Client.
Tutorial Complete:

Tutorial ESP8266 DS18B20 Temperature Node-RED MQTT (Mosquitto) IoT

Step 1: Components and Materials Required for Testing

Step 2: Test ESP8266 Temperature DS18B20 (Onewire) MQTT Node-Red IoT

Step 3: Images Node RED

According to the tests performed, the MQTT protocol is very fast,

allowing communication between Node-RED and ESP8266 to be almost in real time. From certain protocols we have tested, we consider and recommend implementing the MQTT for your IoT projects

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