Introduction: ESP8266 + Display Oled I2c Client IRC Chat Control

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1. ESP8266 the feed module automatically performs the IRC connection to an IRC server, the room defined using a Nickname ESP8266IRC.

2. using in this case an IRC client android I connect to the same server and the same room with another nickname and module prints the characters received in the Oled Display.

- All Android caractares sent from the client will be displayed on the OLED display.

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Step 1: Architecture Chat IRC

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The advantages of this architecture is that both devices are clients, the IRC servidors are always active and automatically make the connection only a room comunic and associated Nickname is required.

This application is perfect for remote controls using the IRC client activacio from him to the ESP8266.


1 - ESP8266 - 01.

2 - Oled Display 128 x 64 protocol I2C.

3 - Acid Battery 6V.

4 - Voltage regulator LD1117.

Step 2: Real-time Tests

Step 3: Recommendations

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In this case it has been used to power the system a 6V battery, for this case to note that the ESP8266 module should aliemntar to 3.3v to use a voltage regulator.

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