ESP8266 Weather Clock





Introduction: ESP8266 Weather Clock

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Step 1: SCH


C100nF x 5

C100uF x 1

R1k x 4

button x 2

tft_1.8 x 1

ESP-12F x 1

REG1117-3.3 x 1

It's been a long time and no code has been found

Step 2: Making PCB

Use a double faced copper clad plate and install it on the PCB engraving machine. Let the machine engraving the designed line drawings.

Step 3: Soldering

Soldering esp8266 module, resistance capacitance, LCD and other components

Step 4: Testing the Hardware

Is it normal to download the firmware through the UART interface and test the work of LCD?

Step 5: Assembling

Use the 3D printer to make the shell, fix the main board on the shell, and install the battery

Step 6: The Archetype on the Bread Board

The Archetype on the bread board



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1 Questions


1 question: What kind of program do you upload the sketch to the esp8266?

2 question: Can i use this with the Nodemcu V3 lua?

3 question: Is this compatible with Arduino IDE? (I guess not)

I would love to try it out.

Thank you for sharing!


1 Answer: Convert * .BMP image files into hexadecimal array via software
2 Answer: NodeMCU will be simpler direct call function to initiate http request for weather data
3 Answer: I am using RTOS_SDK based on C language development, not compatible with Arduino IDE. Arduino will be relatively easy to achieve this function

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