This instrucatables show how to make an ESP8266 version WiFi Analyzer clone.

Step 1: What Is WiFi Analyzer?

WiFi Analyzer is a handy app in Android, it help to visualize the WiFi signal information around you. It is very useful for helping select a right channel for setting a new AP. If you selected a channel that as same as another AP near you, you may encounter interference and degrade the network performance.

However, you may not have a Android phone in hand and it is a little bit overkill dedicate an Android phone for WiFi scanning. ESP8266 is good enough for scanning WiFi signal, let's make this handy tools together!

<p>What are you using for aerial? I see a USB cable and a tube. What is in the tube please?</p>
<p>The ESP8266 has a On Board antenna. It is just checking the WiFi signals within its range and displays their name, channels used and relative signal strength.</p>
<p>Thanks very much. Problem solvered!</p>
Aerial? The tube is just a battery to make it portable ;)
<p>I have had a TFT 2.8&quot; SPI 240X320 for a couple weeks and haven't been able to get it working with my ESP8266, Until Now. Your application is great Plus, the definition of the pins for the TFT was just what I needed to get it working.</p>
Great job!!! Favorited and voted... definitely gonna try this!!!

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