Introduction: Wi-Fi Board ESP8266: NeoPixels, Thermometer, Deep-sleep, AP Webserver Config, EEPROM

Picture of Wi-Fi Board ESP8266: NeoPixels, Thermometer, Deep-sleep, AP Webserver Config, EEPROM

In the attached zip file you can read tutorials about making fun things with the low-cost ESP8266 WiFi board:

  • Wi-Fi module ESP8266 programming from Arduino IDE.

  • Switch ON/OFF light using your mobile phone over Wi-Fi.

  • RGB LED stripe “NeoPixels” + ESP8266 with effects switching from website.

  • Wi-Fi thermometer storing to Internet cloud "ThingsSpeak".

  • Deep-sleep mode for battery-powered Wi-Fi themometer.

  • Advanced thermometer with AP configuration via a website and EEPROM use.

Step 1:


MatejP7 (author)2016-01-20

hi, this project is very good, but where can I download Arduino ESP8266 Library?

janisalnis (author)MatejP72016-01-20

MatejP7 (author)janisalnis2016-01-24

Thanks. And which firmware does it use? and how can I download firmware to it?

janisalnis (author)MatejP72016-01-24

ESP module has firmware in it when you buy it. It communicates with Arduino IDE.

MatejP7 (author)janisalnis2016-01-25

thanks, I have already understood

yudha_hamdi (author)2015-12-23

thx sir you are so kind to share this project. It's like i want to make :)

khadu77 (author)2015-12-06

I hate Arduino projects,not personally yours,just because I can't have one of it..

janisalnis (author)khadu772015-12-07

May be I could donate one to you and send by post. So you can start practicing programming it. When I went to school I also couldn't afford many things.

khadu77 (author)janisalnis2015-12-07

Do you have an extra one?

janisalnis (author)khadu772015-12-09

Yes. You can contact me in Facebook or email alnis(at) to get present in Christmas time.

khadu77 (author)janisalnis2015-12-10

Sir,It seems you are busy,so when you are free mail me ..Thank you sir

khadu77 (author)khadu772015-12-14

Sir,I have mailed you my address,If you got it,please do reply.

diy_bloke (author)khadu772015-12-06

why cant you have one? They are dirt cheap

ssingh185 (author)2015-12-09

I want to make my own laptop and creating many things but I can not because it is so costly.....talent is nothing without opportunity...

Sandbird (author)2015-12-07

This is excellent! I was planning on making one this week, and was really curious about how to do deep-sleep mode.


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