ESP8266(NodeMCU) Weather Station




Introduction: ESP8266(NodeMCU) Weather Station

Use ESP8266_RTOS_SDK-1.4.x CJson Resolution Weather Web Json Data and Display on the OLED12864,the code include ESP8266 SmartConfig function can use SmartPhone APP connect to WiFi

Step 1: Schematic Diagram

use NodeMCU and OLED JLX12864G-222-PN

Step 2: Software : Oracle VM VirtualBox + SDK + ESP8266_lubuntu

Development environment to build, please go to the to download

Step 3: Install Virtual Box

install Virtual Box

Step 4: Oracle VM VirtualBox Import the Official Development Environment

Oracle VM VirtualBox Import the official development environment

Step 5: Set Up the Shared Directory

Set up the Shared directory

Step 6: Apply for APIkey

Need from the apply for APIkey

Step 7: Compile the Program Code

Compile the program code,If you want to get this

to download code channels

Step 8: Download the Firmware

Download the firmware

Step 9: Config NodeMCU Connect the Wifi

Config NodeMCU connect the wifi press the button for 20s to enter Smartconfig mode。

Step 10: The Final Result

Demo video



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