Picture of EU to US Conversion of a Phone Charger
Do you ever have that problem where you buy a global phone abroad and then move somewhere you can't charge it easily? If you don't want to buy a converter and use it to charge your advanced piece of electronics, or buy a whole new adapter for a phone that remembers when Aqua was popular, you can convert your EU phone charger into a US charger! This instructable covers how to convert an EU power adapter for a phone (or anything with this type of DC power adapter) into a US adapter.

Basically not more complicated than splicing wires, a greater reason for this is to make using AC to DC transformers we see all of the time less mystifying. The main limitation is that you need to have a US adapter with the same DC output, or you risk frying whatever you're about to electrify. DC power adapters can be used to charge or power anything that uses DC power, including IDY electronics like the Arduino, or basically anything else in your house that uses a DC power converter. As for this instructable? I made it at TechShop!

You'll need:
1 - Foreign power adapter with the right phone connector
1 - US power adapter with the same voltage as the foreign adapter
1 - Wire strippers
1 - Bit of electrical tape

Basically you're going to:
1. Check to make sure the specks work
2. Splice the phone connector to the US adapter
3. Charge your phone!
You dont need to replace the whole power supply!!!!
Look at the back of both those power supplies if it says input 100-240V then it will run on BOTH 110V and 220V.
all you need to do is get a cheap adapter to plug the prongs into. (one to go from round to flat or vise versa)
with the World being global now a lot of the power supplies are dual voltage, check your computer, and new tvs before you need to plug into a step down or step up converter.
artworker2 years ago
I totally worship Nokia 3310! It is the only phone that has bantumi in it at some point of time. I had it for around 3 years!