How-To Make A Quick DIY Snack: Smoothies!

Courtesy of Davis Petterson

Are you hooked on fast food? It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s cheap. And it’s effortless. No doubt, appealing. But—dang—it’s a no-go for long term eating habits and now’s the time to turn that around. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or a big production. In fact, you can make a healthy, quick, cheap, filling and satisfying snack in a matter of minutes. It’ll keep you on the go for your fast-paced life of adventure and it’ll keep you moving in the long run. Fast food, it’ll keep you going for now, but some day it’s going to catch up with you and make you slow. And you don’t have time to be slow! You’ve got stuff to do, places to go, people to see!
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Step 1: Getting Supplies

What you’ll need:

o A blender
o Soy Milk (I like Vanilla!)
o Bananas
o Strawberries (or any kind of berry—blueberry, blackberry, raspberry)
o Almonds

Step 2: Freezing

Freeze the strawberries and bananas overnight. Slice them and put them in baggies or plastic containers. In fact, get in the habit of freezing a bunch of bananas and a pint of strawberries every week. That way you’ll have them on hand when you get a craving for a fun snack.

Step 3: Blending

When hunger strikes and you are in a hurry, get the blender out! Throw in a handful of frozen bananas and about half that amount of strawberries. Add 10-20 almonds and fill the blender with enough milk to cover all the other ingredients.

Blend until everything is smooth.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy! The more you make smoothies the better you’ll know what you really like and then you can make future smoothies accordingly. Maybe you really like the almond taste or you don’t like bananas as much, adjust quantities accordingly. If you like it a little sweet add honey, honey!
account3r24 years ago
This is my favorite smoothie:

My other favorite smoothie:

Will It Blend?
While reading this forum, I got really quite interested as I learned a lot from all the other postings in here. I am becoming more experimental with different fruits that are available, seasonal as they are. I get to enjoy fruits all year round in return I become healthy. I consulted program about different fruits I could have all year round and was not expecting that I would find different combinations of fruits for smoothies. Good thing that I had that I have program to turn to for different menus and get to use whatever is available here at home.
Summer is really with us and my grandchildren will be coming over for a visit and so with the help of you guys here, Summer will be something that they would look forward to, specially when they come and visit me. While I haven't heard from their mom or mom yet, I better experiment now with all these smoothies here and definitely will be the first one to do the taste test ~wink~ Thank you for sharing the recipe
My all-time favourite smoothie is a scoop of icecream, a banana, a teaspoon of honey and milk... yum!! I love adding yoghurt too, but you can use yoghurt instead of the ice-cream and freeze the bananas for a thicker smoothie, I guess. I never seem to need sugar, banana smoothies are quite sweet, but if you want to add something to sweeten it, try honey... it really makes a big flavour difference, plus, if you use raw honey, you're getting all the enzymes and good stuff in that as well! And yes, please ditch the soy... there are so many web pages out there now about how dangerous consuming non-fermented soy (ie, soy milk, tofu, etc) is for you... talk about the oestrogen!! I've read articles about men developing breasts because of a high-soy diet... that's scary!!
MindTorm8 years ago
On cleaning the blender...if you clean it quickly, before the contents have had a change to coagulate, you can put about 1 - 1/2 cups hot water and some dish soap in there and turn it on for about 20 seconds. Has a tendancy to kno most of the leftovers loose.
Anyone got any tips on an easy-to-clean blender to buy? I love LOVE LOVE smoothies. But I'm loathe to clean between blades at the bottom of a giant glass jug. Especially since I used to make these every day before work before I broke my blender. Oh my super tip: Put in a block of firm tofu in your smoothie. It thickens it up to restaurant quality, but moreover adds protein in an easy to digest form. I got this tip from a body builder and it took my smoothies to a new level.
mikesty8 years ago
I know nothing about making food at all. Only recently have I ventured into the art of making toast. I'm your typical lazy spoiled white high school student. Yup. This sounds kind of tasty though, and I really like bananas, but can I replace the soy milk with straight up cow milk? Can I ditch the almonds completely? What if I add lots of sugar?
It's ok to use cow milk instead of soy milk, but I think soy milk tastes a little better (especially the flavored kinds). You can ditch the almonds, or you can replace them with something else. I sometimes use walnuts, flax meal, or a little bit of wheat germ. You can add sugar, but I wouldn't add alot -- the bananas and berries are already pretty sweet on their own. Smoothies aren't really an exact science, so feel free to experiment with different fruit/milk/nuts/sweetener combinations.