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Introduction: EV3 Sound: Make Your EV3 Play the Drums

Do you need a drummer for your band? This robot made using the LEGO MindStorms EV3 will play the drums(which are pots) for you.

You can program it to play anything especially the beat for your song.

If you add more motors you could create more complex tunes.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To build this you will need these:

* 1x EV3 set

* 2x shallow cooking pots (I used a tambourine)

* 1x mug

Step 2: Making the Base of the Large Motors

You can make the base using 6 black pins, 2 blue beam pins, 2 curved beams and 2 15 holed beams.

Make 2 base's, 1 for each motor.

Step 3: Making the Drumsticks

You can use all sorts of ends for the drumsticks. I used a tyre on one of them so I would get a thump noise and I used a beam for a ting noise.

Step 4: Placing Your Motors

Now you have to place down your motors next the pots and cup so they hit the centre. It may help help Blu-tacking them down so they don't move.

Step 5: Proggramming the EV3

To make a noise you have to move one of the motors 90 degrees forward or 0.25 of a full rotation so it hits the pot then 90 degrees in reverse so it resets its position. To do that you will have to change 0.25 to -0.25. To get the best results make sure that the power while reversing the motors is 10%.

You can make louder noises or quieter by changing the power. you can also reverse it doing this.

Before running any programs make sure all drumsticks are pointing directly up.



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Daww what a cute musical robot! This project is awesome! Welcome to instructables, hope we get to see more great projects from you!

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Thank you for looking and your kind comment, it looks like it us a great community here. Cheers