EXE Back to a BAT


Introduction: EXE Back to a BAT

I have made this little program, but powerful program. So recently I been coding in "Console Application" (*.bat / *.nt).

I have noticed many BAT to EXE compilers. But never seen a EXE to BAT. I thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE, and the fact I have no idea what EXE language (*dllhost) is.

So I did some research and I found that its possible. Alright so if you want to download: http://goo.gl/4C82Xq (CNET LINK). If you would like to get the NEWEST version EARLY then: http://goo.gl/4C82Xq (MY WEBSITE)

Step 1: Use

First press the "Choose File" button. After press the "Export". A Console Application should open for a second then prompt for a Save Dir(directory). This is free btw



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    you don't see exe to bat "compilers" is because a) that's not possible since an exe is already copimiled and a bat file is a text file and b) it's pointless the purpose of a bat to exe is to avoid the command interpreter

    Really cool! Thanks for sharing!