This is a great gag to help smokers kick the habit or just have a few laughs.My friends have had a lot of fun doing this at a local cigar shop.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need to pull off this little prank is some magician's Flash Cotton.This is a special type of chemically treated cotton that burns very quickly and produces a bright flash of fire. Flash Cotton is used by magicians to produce various pyrotechnic effects (readily available at your local magic shop or online).

1.Flash Cotton
2.Dirty ashtray
3.Victim (smoker)
depotdevoid6 years ago
Nice prank idea. Sadly, the only person I know who i could pull it on is my girlfriend, and she doesn't take too kindly to practical jokes.
That must be too bad, you get a mouth full of liquid smoke on every smooch.
mindseyemagic (author)  depotdevoid6 years ago
Yeah,my friend Eric owns a cigar shop here in Phoenix and he pulls this one all the time. I wish I could claim credit but he invented it.
jj.inc4 years ago
I am gonna do this in the ash tray at 7-11, teach them lazy employees a lesson.
twocvbloke5 years ago
Cooooool!!! Have to see about getting some flash cotton, my mother's a smoker and I just want to do something like this... :P
mindseyemagic (author)  twocvbloke5 years ago
Hey there.Flash Cotton is available on eBay or you can purchase some at your local magic shop.I also have some on my website at ; www.mindseyemagic.com Really fun stuff.
finfan76 years ago
This is like one I read years ago. Gun cotton is kind of visible but if you use gunpowder or fine black powder it blends in with the ash.
that could hurt though
mindseyemagic (author)  smashbob6 years ago
Well,Flash Cotton and Gun Cotton are totally different materials.Flash Cotton is very safe and easy to hide by sprinkling a little cigarette ash on it.
mindseyemagic (author)  finfan76 years ago
Hey.Actually,Gun cotton is a completely different material to the best of my knowledge.I don't think the two are related at all.
Oops, typo. That was supposed to say flash cotton. I was just thinking of several different explosives at once.