A extra hands (helping hand), also known as a third hand, is a type of extremely adjustable hands to hold materials near each other so that the user can work on them.


  • Piece of wooden block
  • Wood sticks with square cross-section (10x10mm)
  • Alligator clips - 4 pairs
  • Flexible and stiff wire of preferable gauge
  • 0.5 W LED - 2 nos
  • SPST switch
  • 9 V battery with snap
  • Wires, Screws and other consumables.
  • Tools - Fixtures, Cross-cut saw, Drill, Angle Grinder, pliers, Cutters, Screw Drivers.

Step 2: Mark & Cut a Slot With Cross-cut SAW

  • Use a wood marker or Mica cutter to make impression in wood.
  • Then use Cross-cut saw to make a slot just enough for 4 wires to pass.

Step 3: Insert Wires and Secure Them With Tacker-gun

Step 4: Connect the Alligator Clips to the Free Ends

Step 5: Solder Lead Dispenser

Mark and Cut three pieces as shown in the pictures

Step 6: Drill N Screw

Make hole and then Screw as shown

Step 7: Slide the Spool in and Screw It to the Wooden Block

Step 8: Winding Over the Syringe

Step 9: Screw and Chop Off Its Excess Using Angle Grinder With Cut-off Disc

Step 10: 0.5W LED's in Series

Step 11: Finishing - Light

Step 12: That's All!! Work With Caution!

Step 13: Optional - De-soldering Wick Holder

Step 14: Optional - Guide for Solder Wire Feed

Step 15: Optional - Holding Fixtures

<p>Cool job!</p>
<p>Thanks Nanba</p>
looks good but soon the build will need replacement bcz these wire can take the load. i had made this same design years ago . but good project
<p>hmm. may be in future it may need replacement not soon. since it can hold my pliers. </p>
<p>dats really good i see your wire quality is better which wire did u used ?</p>
<p>(I don't even know the gauge of the wire)I just went to a hardware store and paid 5 rupees for 1 meter of wire. I suggest gas welding filler rod which will be far more better than this.</p>
i hope to see a new better version later .one suggestion use flux cored solder rather than the syringe . will make it look good.
Thanks for the suggestion.
<p>Glad to see your interpretation! This is very well done! A much more permanent solution than mine, that's for sure. I think I'll follow your lead this time, and try to recreate this to my needs.</p>
<p>Thanks friend.</p>
I've needed one of these doing even the simplest of soldering jobs. I'll certainly make one (when I get around to it of course. XD)
<p>Hi, Ningarooster. Please do post the pictures here when you're done. </p>
Wonderful!<br>Such an orderly, effective build, made from mostly reused materials.<br>I love the rugged, utilitarian look!
<p>Thanks Royell</p>
Looks awesome but my only question is the purpose of the syringe?
<p>Yes, it holds the flux</p>
looks like it holds the Flux
Awesome Instructable....

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