Hi! Ms Sweet Satisfaction here at Instructables HQ. I decided our community was so awesome it deserved more free PRO membership, therefore off we go!

Welcome to our second round of EXTREME Commenting. Leave 5 unusually nice comments and nominate someone to get 3 months of PRO membership to get a free 1 year PRO membership!

It feels good to get a nice comment, and we want to encourage that. We already reward prolific commenters with a gold medal on their You page, but you can't download PDFs or use inline HTML with a medal. PRO memberships are worth ca$h, and you can even give them as gifts. So we're giving them away to nice folks like you who leave nice comments on cool projects that don't have very many comments yet.

Lastly if you know a project that didn't get the attention you think it deserved part of this game is nominating someone to receive 3 months of PRO membership. It's definitely a way to make someone feel special, and it's like you have a mini featuring power in your possession.

Step 1: Find Some Instructables!

Picture of Find Some Instructables!

Specifically find 5 instructables that have less than 10 comments on them! As you can see above the instructable I found only had 1 comment, lets fix that!

Step 2: Leave a Nice Comment!

Picture of Leave a Nice Comment!

Not just any nice comment though, an EXTREMELY nice comment. Here we're counting that as a full paragraph written to be the nicest most constructive 3-5 sentences you can possibly compose.

Feel free to crack jokes and be your usually silly self, or unusually silly self, but remember this is all about encouraging authors!

Step 3: Find an Instructable You Want to Give 3 Months of PRO Membership For!

Picture of Find an Instructable You Want to Give 3 Months of PRO Membership For!

Maybe you know one already, or you might have to do some searching about. Either way it's a really nice compliment. It has to be one that follows these rules though: hasn't been featured yet, and has 10 comments or less. The goal is to get under appreciated instructables more attention here.
So find an Instructable that you believe is worth 3 months of PRO membership! Then comment the following:


As a part of the EXTREME Commenting event that is running on the site we receive 3 months of PRO membership to give to a person of our choosing. I think this instructable is awesome and therefore I am choosing you to receive my 3 months of PRO membership!

If you're interested in earning a full year, or if you know someone else that deserves this compliment as well please feel free to come play with us by clicking the link

Step 4: Come Back Here!

Picture of Come Back Here!

Once you've completed your EXTREME commenting for 5 instructables come back here to this one! Comment on this instructable leaving the links to the 5 instructables you commented on.

And either in the same comment or a later one tell me who you nominate, a link to the instructable, and that you commented telling them so!

Step 5: My Turn!

Once I have seen you comment(s) below I will give 1 year of PRO membership to be redeemed at a time of your choosing! Then I will hop over to your nominee's instructable and give them 3 months of PRO membership!

Step 6: Enjoy the PRO Membership!

Picture of Enjoy the PRO Membership!

What can you do with PRO membership?

Well first off you can download PDF versions of instructables. This means printer friendly versions without ads or comments (or with comments if you want). Wouldn't it be awesome if you were holding a craft or build night and everyone got their own set of instructions instead of the whole group gathering around the one computer screen. Or if you were going camping having your instructables while communing with nature without the internet.

Secondly PRO members get discounts at various business. The line up changes periodically but current if you are a PRO member you get a discount at the following businesses: Adafruit, Lion Brand Yarns, Monkeylectric Lights, Lumi, and littleBits Thirdly, as stated in the intro you can use inline HTML in your instructables. This allows to do all sort of effects with photos as shown here. Lastly PRO members are shown less ads around the site. If you find the ads intrusive this is probably the easiest way to get rid of them.

This round the game has no time limit, we'll play until no one feel like playing anymore!


chrisjlionel (author)2015-12-17

He is new to instructables. That plane looks cool.

Laral (author)2015-06-11

Is this contest still valid?

DIY Maker (author)2015-02-20

Here are the ibles we commented on

Ible 1

Ible 2

Ible 3

Ible 4

Ible 5

And yes we are nominating the ible no. 5 because this ible was very much descriptive and it resembled a problem that was in every one's life that is saving money and charging gadgets on the go...

And Of Course it is a well written document with extremely bright and well pictures...

It is well laden with steps and that is why we nominate Mr AbAk for 3 month pro membership....

Mr AbAk (author)DIY Maker2015-03-20

Thanks DIY Maker for nominating us....

bcavaciuti (author)2014-09-28

I disagree with this. its fake! I would hate to get a false positive comment, especially if the instructible was bad which a reasonable amount of unpopular instructibles are. Now I'm all for the nice comment policy and its one of the only websites that has a nice comment atmosphere!

But I don't it should be forced else the quality of the instructibles on the website will fall due to bad instructibles gaining false popularity which causes more bad instructibles(eg badly made, boring, unimaginative or unoriginal) which drown out the good instructibles which don't get seen because there is too much bad stuff.

If you do this, only do it for instructibles you like, enjoy or find useful because when they aren't they don't need false positives but constructive negatives.

You've answered your own problem here. No one is being forced, and I never said anything about giving false positive comments. Someone you've managed to think I did which is interesting, I'd love to see some citations.
As you said in the bottom, this event is based on a very simple concept. See an instructable you like? Leave an awesome nice comment.
But hey if you're not interested in the free pro membership, or in nominating someone you think is awesome, it's no skin off my nose.

sorry that was quite negative its just my problem with it is that a compliment to a bad quality instructible is not really that helpful, I fully agree its nice but in my mind I would much prefer someone to constructively criticise me and give me a tip or two not just compliment. And by giving people benefits for giving compliments for being nice and nothing else you are giving a strong incentive for people to make comments that are not genuine and don't add anything.

If I ran the competition I would have the "Most HELPFUL comment competition" (comments that have made a big difference to the instructor) and "BEST comment competition" (Well written quality helpful, interesting and POSITIVE OVERALL).

The only way to improve is to learn from your mistakes. If the instructible can be improved then it is our responsibility to state that, mention the good bits and then state what you think could improve it win win.

I don't want to get negative or personal so I won't but I could cite so many(if not all) of your comments that are just compliments, quantity over quality and it frustrates me. Why? because they don't add anything substantial, they don't improve really anything except the persons self esteem. Now I do think people like you are necessary, helping people new to instructibles and getting the community where it should be and as instructibles is where I spend a large proportion of my on-line time I think it should be a culture of complementary advice not just complements. Its still nice as Robson says.

I am all for self esteem but only to a small level and we all need encouragement but it helps to have advice along with the positive other wise I have seen people with bad instructibles (I wont name due to time and negativity) that have positive comments and no advice which can promote more bad quality instructibles which don't teach anyone anything, ALWAYS return to your core aim when implementing stuff and that is to provide good quality instruction manuals in a nice friendly environment. I don't mind a few comments that are just compliments as they are positive but when 99% are it just gets boring and useless, quite often I find the most useful information in the comments, and even more would be awesome!

iceng (author)bcavaciuti2015-02-04

You make good points in a world that glamorizes a chicken scratch.

But you have not found a way to instruct an ible of your own which would help in understanding the emotional side of publishing on this fun educational site.

I have a problem of not enough time to fully understand all that I see. I truly do enjoy the repeated efforts individual authors go through to in improving their craft. There is so little time left in life to learn and wonder why would anyone spend any precious seconds nay-saying a new idea to further the publishing art .

While some ibles are more creative they are almost all worth reading to wonder about or help understand yourself in recognizing how the authors mind changes with age and time. I see extraordinarily complex costumes arising cosplay that in some become a career to ingenious knex gun by engineers of future mechanical contrivances. The Foods people come up with (we do all have to consume) to help in living. Sure some authors cover similar ground but next one might be amazing and must not be discouraged for that mindful reason.

Robson Couto (author)bcavaciuti2014-09-28

Oh guy, just take it easy.

The objective of this challenge is encourage people to make nice comments on instructables that were not getting the attention they deserve, not to make fake comments.

Receiving a nice comment can make your day. And think about it, when I receive a heartwarming comment on my instructables, it makes me want to make the next even better, not keep they "boring".

We don't want the flame on a person's heart starting making making instructables to extinguish, so being nice could be giving advises to people that are starting, so they can make they next instructable better and having the will to make this next instructable.

Mr AbAk (author)2015-01-14

Her are the ibles we commented on

Ible 1

Ible 2

Ible 3

Ible 4

Ible 5

And yes we are nominating the ible no. 5 because this ible was a fusion of papercraft and electronics which are the most close and important hobbies to us...

And the picture of the man resembled our Grandpa.

And Of Course well written document with extremely bright and well pictures...

It is well laiden with steps and that is why we nominate ohhmyhead for 3 month pro membership....

Awesome job enjoy the PRO membership!

gearup500 (author)2015-01-11

is it okay to post more than once or do I get one chance?

Just the one go for this event!

JM1999 (author)2014-12-01

This 'ible is the last reference to the old comment boxes, they are defined by the "post" button instead of the "make comment" button!

gearup500 (author)2014-11-25

Here are the instructables I have commented on:

Instructable 1:

Instructable 2:

Instructable 3:

Instructable 4:

Instructable 5:

Instructable 6:

Instructable 7:

Instructable 8:

This is the instructable I am nominating. He has it in detail and it seems like he knows what he is doing. I don't think he already has a pro membership and I thinks its pretty cool plus it was just published.

I hope this hasn't ended yet and that I get a one year membership! Thx.

Awesome job, enjoy the PRO membership!

Wired_Mist (author)2014-11-24

Hey, Nice Idea !; even better title! :D

When I was starting, it was really cool to receive some comments, helped to keep things moving along :P hope it works out well !

Fission Chips (author)2014-11-23

Here are my nice comments!

Instructable 1:

Instructable 2:

Instructable 3:

Instructable 4:

Instructable 5:

I really feel like the author of Instructable 1 should get a 3-month pro membership. They really explained their process well, and even though it's showcasing a 3d print, they showed how the got to where they did and what you should do if you're doing something like it but not exactly the same as it. Thanks!

Awesome job! Enjoy the PRO membership!

Orange Shadow (author)2014-10-27


The agreeable sheep. its a paper craft model that when you turn the crank it says yes! Definitely fun to build with step by step instructions with pictures. For the intermediate and higher

Lego Minecraft Steve if you like legos and minecraft this is perfect for you. although it doesn't have a list of what pieces you need it has detailed instructions with pictures with each step.

Cardboar cryptex lock A fairly easy-build with cardboard you can build a lock. But someone could just like tear it so don't use it for something valuable but still fun to build

A way to coil any cord really easy to do and very useful. pretty selfexplanatory

A lego technique ipad/ipod/iphone stand if you have any lose technique pices laying around you can use these to make a very convenient folding ipad stand.

So the above mentioned instructables are great fun to build/use and i think they would be great if their user gets a membership.

Sounds good!


corporatelab (author)2014-11-01


I nominate Gluon du net for this


And left a comment saying so!

You need to leave 5 super nice comments first, and link to them. Then you get a 3 month to give away, along with a year for yourself.

corporatelab (author)2014-11-01


I nominate Gluon du net for this


And left a comment saying so!

suprspi (author)2014-10-24

Here is my list of comments, and my nomination for 3 free months of pro membership. What a great idea this is,I really like how it helps to build the community.


I nominated lonesoulsurfer on his wax and lint tinder instructable.

Nice job, enjoy the PRO membership!

JR Tyner (author)2014-10-19






Nomination for the Pro Membership:

Awesome job, enjoy the PRO membership!

Nice job! Enjoy the PRO membership!

gravityisweak (author)2014-10-02

I have left nathan.summer.792 his nomination comment!

It appears nathan.summer.792 has changed his username.

Yup I found him, the instructables robot knows who used to be who so the original link still worked!

outdoorsman89 (author)2014-10-02

This is such a good idea!! I love it! I didn't know about this until gravityisweak brought it to my attention through his generous three month pro membership nomination. I decided to participate and left comments on the following five pages!

I returned the favor to gravityisweak and left him a nomination comment here:

Thanks so much!!


Yay chain reaction! Thanks for participating and enjoy the PRO membership!

Scumm7 (author)2014-10-02

Love this event! I posted comments on the following:

and I nominate OneHarp. I've used a couple of his instructables for my own builds.
Here is the instuctable where I notified him of his nomination:

Thanks again for this awesome opportunity!

Yay! Nice job, enjoy the PRO membership!

gravityisweak (author)2014-10-02

I've completed my extreme commenting mission! I looked through my list of favorites and was surprised at how many projects I'd favorited because I thought they were awesome, and it turns out they had very few comments and weren't even featured! I've left my comments on these instructables.

I want to nominate nathan.summer.792 for a 3 month Pro membership for his multiple awesome instructables with great photos that he has posted after joining only a few days ago.

Awesome Job! Enjoy the PRO membership!

Tater Zoid (author)2014-09-30

I left encouraging comments for the 5 Instructables below. As an avid bicyclist, I chose bike specific 'idles. I didn't exactly leave a paragraph but wrote what I felt at the time. This is such a great idea.

I have nominated Jesse10 for his
I will notify him now.
Cheers, Tater

Awesome, enjoy the PRO membership! Pleas leave your adorable images everywhere!

Thank you. I'll make more if people request them. I also added images to my 'ible so they can make their own. I hope it catches on.

Being Nice On Instructables

gravityisweak (author)Tater Zoid2014-10-01

Hey Tater Zoid can I use your image as a patch to give to people? Will it resize itself or would a smaller image need to be created?

Tater Zoid (author)gravityisweak2014-10-01

Absolutely. That is part of why I created my "Being Nice On Instructables" 'ible. You will find other graphics I created and a DIY section on that page. They probably will not resize themselves, I have not looked into that. I did see that 48X48 pixels are the recommended size. Here's a LINK to a forum I just glanced at. If you do create them, would you please put a link on my Instructable so I can share and link to your work (or possible an "I Made It" comment). Thanks and good luck.


gravityisweak (author)2014-10-01

This sounds fun! I missed the last one by a few days. I usually try to browse every day and leave some nice comments, maybe you've noticed!

tomatoskins (author)2014-09-29

Here are my 5 instructables that I thought were good enough to get some honest to goodness complements. I would have commented even if there were no bonus from doing such:

And I nominate adenda2 for this instructable: I even left a comment saying so!

Yay! Awesome job enjoy the PRO membership!

PRO DR MR BOB (author)2014-09-29

how do i reedeam the promember ship?

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