Step 16: New tires

Picture of New tires
As I mentioned before, I found the largest tires I could for the 8x8 rims. These were the blue knobby 11x22 tires you've seen in most of the pictures.

The problem is they were so square in profile that you had to lean 2 feet over the side of teh bike to steer at speed.

I ended up buying a used pair of tires/wheels. These are much rounder in profile and handle much better.
Hubiewan5 years ago
This bike good on sand? Also, what is the name/manufacturer of the knobbies you settled on. Need some help in my search. Have to say I really like the bike but, might want it shorter. Any input on that would be appreciated.
marple200 (author)  Hubiewan5 years ago
The bike is good on sand, however, the tires I originally had were worn down knobbies and the tire would spin in the deep, soft sand. Also, the tire would spinwhen I was pulling my surf fishing trailer, because I carry a pretty good load in that. I put on a new rear tire which is a Maxxis 4-Snow tire. Reviews indicate that while it was developed as a snow tire, it is superb in the sand as well. I go to the beach next week for a week and get to try it out. The front tire is some I think a Cheng Shin random knobbie that I picked up on craigslist My next version I will also try to make a shorter wheelbase. I wanted to make sure my heel cleared the frame. I figure I have a couple of inches I could reduce it by if I build the frame to a much tighter tolerance around the tire and reduce the frame to heel clearance. Hope this helps. If you like the bike, please give the project good rating.
How do I give you a, " great ", rating?
marple200 (author)  Hubiewan5 years ago
You give "stars" by hovering over the star ratings and clicking on the no. of stars you want
blert5 years ago
perfect dude, i like it a lot can u make me one like that :P

there good,,
trigger-don5 years ago
Thats a wicked idea for off road do you build models for other people i would give you £100 to make me one for off road use...