Step 4: Rear swingarm and front fork

Picture of Rear swingarm and front fork
I had a little help on this part of the build.

While fishing through the dumpster of my local bike shop for the cardboard to do my layout, I came across a bunch of car-mount bike rack parts (from display models) that they were discarding.

It just so happens that one of the u-shaped armatures was the perfect width to serve as the rear swingarm. It provided enough clearance for the chain drive and a disc brake.

Another was slightly narrower, which perfectly suited the width of the front tire without chain drive or brake and therefore served perfectly as a front fork.

I was really lucky. I had some ideas for building these components, but didn't have to.
I wold recommend visiting the atomiczombie.com website for suggestions on this if you can't work it out yourself.
kray9536 years ago
Agreed ;) Love finding the perfect object like that! Its one of the best feelings in DIY.