Mountain biking in your back yard is pretty lame... ...unless you follow this instructable and make your yard into an EXTREME mountain biking course!

        I enjoy mountain biking but the closest bike parks are still pretty far away and I don't go often, so I decided to make a park in my own backyard! Even if you have a small backyard you can build some simple things to help you keep your mountain biking skills sharp. Having a bigger yard, or woods near your house, helps but is not essential. I will show you how to make some simple features that will make your mountain biking EXTREME! Building features in your yard is a great idea if you are not that good at biking (like me!), and want to improve your skills without others watching you crash and mess up.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To start you will need a few things. You can get by if you do not have all of the tools or materials, you might also not need all of them, but these are the tools I used:

-Drill (hammer works)
-Skill saw
-Pick axe
-Branch clippers

Materials I used:

-Screws (nails if you choose to hammer)
-Scrap wood
-4 in. diameter trees

Awesome! I'll have to do something like this at my dad's house, although his yard is flat… but I could make it work
wow, i'm suprised your bike holds up on that stuff, great job on the instructable.
Thanks! and actually it doesn't... I've gone through 3 forks, 1 handle bar, a set of pedals, new wheels, 3 derailleurs (I finally just went single speed)... but thats what you get when you buy a cheap walmart bike.
Craigslist=better bike for less.
Just buy a new downhill bike. Very expensive but worth the money in the long run!
way to rip it up on that ghetto bike, man! <br> <br>your back yard looks like fun. nicely done.
Those are nice catwalks tho. Check out mine <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZY1G8Nlj28
Buy a better bike!
Finally, a fellow freerider on instructables! Looks nice, I'm looking for a place to build but all the only possible place near me has a sign saying no mountain biking :( Anyway, nice instructable! Btw, did you fall off of the bridge in the video?
Nice you should get some grips for your handle bars!
thank you! yes theres a lot I need to do on that bike
Your welcome!
dude, this is awesome, I would so love to just have the bridge to walk on. you have my vote

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