Picture of EZ Bachelor style Chili noodles and cheese
This is one of those, Im hungry but there's really nothing in the house to eat, raid the pantry and see what you can make type of meals, but its actually good enough to make on purpose
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Step 3: The chili

turn your heat down to medium low  open the can of chili and drop in the same pot you used for the noodles, add in your cheese and allow to heat thru

Step 4: Mix it up

Picture of mix it up
once the chili has started to warm up and the cheese is melting, add the noodles back to the pot and mix/stir. Place a lid on the pot and allow to heat completely

Step 5: Its lunch/dinner

Picture of its lunch/dinner
Serve it up in a bowl if your feeling civilized or just eat from the pot, a few saltines or bread with butter can be added if you'd like
lemonie4 years ago
I had a lovely potato for tea, but you're making me think of chilli for the weekend.