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I have this 10ft EZ-EL Wire with the 3V Inverter that has three modes. it has an always on, and two flash modes. I wanted more control with a simple push and release button to turn it on and off. So for no real reason, just for something to do I decided to hack the inverter and I ended up sticking it on my bike to play with it. It is a crude hack, and can be improved on.

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Step 1: Removing the inverter case

Picture of Removing the inverter case
I started by removing the case. There are two screws - be careful not to loose the button.
redtieguy793 months ago
You mention "bridge the two solder points". How did you determine which points to solder? Are they in relation to the inverter switch?

The bridged contacts: are they the contacts of the the original click button? It works and interrupting the power with a switch seems favorable to the design I'm working on, but since its shorting what is meant to be momentary could this become a fire hazard if left connected too long?

BABLOON14242 years ago
BABLOON14242 years ago
Very smart I like it when people mod things
MobileMakerspace (author)  BABLOON14242 years ago
Thanks!! :)