I have this 10ft EZ-EL Wire with the 3V Inverter that has three modes. it has an always on, and two flash modes. I wanted more control with a simple push and release button to turn it on and off. So for no real reason, just for something to do I decided to hack the inverter and I ended up sticking it on my bike to play with it. It is a crude hack, and can be improved on.

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Step 1: Removing the Inverter Case

I started by removing the case. There are two screws - be careful not to loose the button.
You mention "bridge the two solder points". How did you determine which points to solder? Are they in relation to the inverter switch?
<p>The bridged contacts: are they the contacts of the the original click button? It works and interrupting the power with a switch seems favorable to the design I'm working on, but since its shorting what is meant to be momentary could this become a fire hazard if left connected too long?</p>
Very smart I like it when people mod things
Thanks!! :)

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