Introduction: EZ Hanging Fastener

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Those Hole protectors are good for more than just hole protecting.

This is a VERY short tutorial on how to extend their use as fasteners
for hanging.

Step 1: Essential Components

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1) Eyehole protectors:

Avery / Office Depot

or even (fancier):

1) Hole Reinforcement Stickers (Etsy)

Go Nuts.

2) Glue gun (otherwise the "fasteners" may lose their grip)

3) something to hang

Step 2: Attach Two Fasteners

Picture of Attach Two Fasteners

As shown.

I bend one up so they don't accidentally (or unintentionally)
stick before you're ready.

If they do, they're cheap, and plentiful.

Try again.

Step 3: Attach and Glue Them Down

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Last, attach the two fasteners as shown.

Anchor them with some hot glue.

And, you're done!

Simple, cheap, and effective.


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