Step 2: Take Off Clear Plastic Pieces

Remove the batteries and the clear plastic pieces - the two rows of lights at the rear of the gun are held on with screws, everything else just slides off. Set these aside, along with all the screws - you have been saving them, right?

Note: There were two types of tiny screws used in my gun - a longer flatended screw for holding the two halves together; and a shorter, pointed tip screw used for attaching the interior bits and holding on the battery case cover. Don't use one if you want the other!
nice <br>
I got that same &quot;Laser Gun&quot; at Circus Circus in Las Vegas for 300 tickets! I think I might want to try this on it...<br> Win Guy
it would take less spray paint if you would prime it first.<br>
Quite right you are!<br><br>Hence: &quot;If you want better coverage with less effort, using plastic primer before the metallic paint would probably work like a champ - I wasn't quite up for it.&quot;<br>
I only noticed that after i posted. oops<br>

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