Step 10: Completed board

This is my design of PCB for the uhf oscillator circuit. A comparison with my hand wired prototype will reveal that they are similiar.

For guidance in getting to this step, go to this excellent tutorial: ( PCBtutorial http://www.instructables.com/id/EZ3WN1QUKYES9J5X48/ )

Make a PCB layout anyway, even if you intend to random wire up the circuit. It will show you the best position to place each component so that the wires make the least tangle - or the most, if you prefer that.

Have Fun.
what do you suggest i do if the IC is not in eagle?
If you notice, directly above the right-most SMT pad for the 'bead', there is a via connecting top with bottom. If you don't have any reason for it, you might as well eliminate the via, by ripping up the old route, and re-routing it manually on the top layer. You could also move the SMT device to the bottom of the board, and leave all traces on the bottom. Then you could get away with only using a single-sided board, which is very nice if you are doing your own board production and etching.
True. But my intention was to show a different way of implementing my <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/EDWKE622BJEZR7CNN6/">UHF oscillator</a>, rather than producing a PCB layout for it. The advanced features, like optimising for a single side layout etc are explained in various other instructables at this site.<br/>
Please explain what Eagle is in the intro.
Darn! I thought I was gonna learn about the care and feeding of haliaeetus leucocephalus. :( Seriously though, sweet instructable in need of a better title/intro. I'll have to check this software out, now that I know what it is.
Yes. That would help for the uninformed. Do a search for "eagle" for a few howtos from westfw. This is a really powerful program!

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