Ear Bud Cozy


Introduction: Ear Bud Cozy

Step 1: What You Need

- Choice of yarn - scissors - ear buds

Step 2: How

Take the yarn and tie it to the ear buds .Then put the yarn under the ear buds to make a 4 shape .Next get the tail of the string and put it through the loop. Finally pull but not to tight.

Step 3: Extra

Continue until happy. It will get swirly but that's natural .To end just knot it.bye:)

Step 4: PS:)

Ps: I did add extra . It's not part of the tutorial



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    I did this same thing!??! :P
    The same way
    Two great minds think alike!

    14, 11:05 PM.jpg

    Ahhhh!!! Sooooo cute! I'm deffinetly doing this! But do you think embroidery string would work because that's all I have :3

    You have this instructable in your favorites

    Is yours different in some way?

    Very creative