Picture of Ear muffs
These ear warmers are lined with super soft minky fabric to keep your ears warm and toasty in the winter months.  The earmuffs will fit most adults and children. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies

100% cotton woven fabric, print of your choice, 20 inches X 6 inches
minky fabric for lining, 20 inches X 6 inches
cotton low loft batting, 20 inches X 6 inches
all purpose thread
1" woven elastic, about 5 inches
scissors and rotary cutters with mat
sewing machine
small bowl, about 4 inches in diameter
Iron and ironing board
HMice3 years ago
Cool! So it wraps around your whole head and is adjustable?
gingerkatt (author)  HMice3 years ago
Well, the elastic in the back makes it pretty stretchy. The one I make fits a pretty wide range of heads comfortably.
Thanks! I might make when when the weather cools down. (I live in Australia) Thanks again!
Congratulations, your instructable is very easy ti follow. Thumbs Up!!!
gingerkatt (author)  alejandroro53 years ago
Thank you. I always worry that I'll leave something out.
This is wonderful. I was always curious about how to make these. :)
gingerkatt (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks! They're pretty easy to put together.
Very cute and comfy!