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Introduction: Earbud Microphone

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    I did that once by accident and messed up the earbuds. Now the left ear is quieter than the right ear. I used the earbuds that come with iPods.

    is this traveler? (hoseholdhacker)

    it sounds like him maybe it is


    not that much.it has to be about 1 cm away from your mouth to pick up your voice completely. you could try talking louder than normal.


    I already talk loudly to people over the internet without knowing it i don't i'll try this i have used 5 different sets of headsets around my house and none work

    Try going into your audio properties and setting the mic volume to max. When i first tried it I could  not get it to work.  Then I checked my audio settings and found that the mic setting was muted. Also one side will not work.  Talk into both to determine which side works.

    I used an earbud and it worked pretty good for me. I am getting a little background distortion but that may just be the headphones I'm using with the earbud.

    I tried this with a 4 ohm speaker wired into the input on my stereo. It worked quite well if i had my strereo on full volume but i couldnt get it to work with a headpnone