We've all been there: squishing and bending, twirling and tangling our earbud headphones into any easily accessible pocket. Why are these things so unwieldy?! Well, heres a DIY home for your earbuds to live happily in! With two difference styles, you can either throw your tamed earbuds in your bag, or attach them to your keychain for easy accessibility.

Please, whatever you do, don't stop the music.

Step 1: Materials

For both the Simple Organizer and for the Keychain Organizer, you will need

Leather or felt (I recommend 3mm width for either material)
Medal snaps or buttons, heavy duty
Snaps' tools (this is the little anvil packet that corresponds with your snaps' size. Usually sold separately)
Rotary Cutter (Optional- this cuts felt and leather the best)
Cutting mat (Optional)

For the Key Chain Organizer, you will need:

1/2 inch grommets
Grommets' tool (this is the little anvil packet that corresponds with your grommets' size. Usually sold separately)
this is great. easy to make!
<p>cant wait to try!! All my cords really need homes!!!</p>
<p>awesome really liked it</p>
<p>great idea</p>
I just did the project tonight for my bass guitar cable and I clipped it to my little cube amp. Works great! Now I don't need to carry my cable! Thanks!
<p>Great idea! I work with guitar players and they love this idea. Guess I'll be making a few of these!!</p>
<p>ora mas que boa ideia amigo, eu tenho uma maquina de pregas rebites e ilhose &eacute; muito bom, obrigada</p>
<p>You have an awesome hammer :)</p>
<p>haha. thank you!</p>
<p>Me too!! Where did you get it from?</p>
<p>Very Innovative :) , Simplicity at its Best !!!!</p>
Love this. And where did you get that hammer????
target =)
<p>Great project.</p>
<p>Great idea :)</p>

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