Introduction: Earings - Made With Love

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My wife has recently started jewellery making and this this is the first of her creations, which I think is excellent.

The items she used to make these are :

2 x Long Ball Wire

2 x Small Jump Ring

2 x Pendant

Tools Used :

2 angled heavy duty tweezers

1 fine tweezers

Step 1: Putting the Parts Together

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The process is quite simple.

Take the Long Ball wire, thread this onto the small open ended jump ring along with the pendant.

Using the heavy duty tweezers hold each end of the jump ring and twist in opposite directions until the ends of the ends of the ring line up and make a continuous circle.

Next using a disinfectant, clean all of the earing ensuring it is clean and clear of any debris.

Now wear with pride, that you have something unique.


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