Picture of Early Sprouters
Is it too cold to start gardening? Do you want a big harvest? Is it too hard to start from seed? Not any more! Learn how to start your garden indoors.  No more excuses!
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Step 1:

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  -Your choice of seeds
  -Plastic sandwich bag
  -Cotton balls
  -Masking Tape

Step 2:

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Moisten 2-3 cotton balls.  Then place them in the bottom of your plastic baggie.

Step 3:

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Take a few seeds, and gently lay them on each cotton ball.  You can choose to grow one seed type or a variety.

Step 4:

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If using a variety of seeds, I would suggest labeling them.  If not, skip to step 5.

Step 5:

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Seal your plastic bag, and tape it to a window that gets a lot of sun

Step 6:

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Now, just wait for your plants to grow!  When you are ready to plant, you can transfer the entire cotton ball, roots, and seed into the soil.
Adorable little sprouts and what I nice way to do it!